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Magento Meetup – Chennai, India is back again


Welcome to the most exciting Magento meet up in this part of the world. Register Here

Whether you’re a beginner in Magento and want to learn more or you’re a Magento expert with years of experience, you are welcome to join us.

DCKAP an Associate Partner of Magento and Silver Sponsor of Magento Imagine 2015 organized its first Magento meet up in Chennai on 27th September, 2014. We would like to say thanks to everyone who participated, supported and made it a grand success.

Following this we are organizing our second Magento Meet up on 28th March, 2015.

Magento, owned by eBay, is a global leader in ecommerce today. It has created tremendous change to the ecommerce market worldwide and has become an incomparable robust technology for retailers and merchants.

The meet up will be full of good ideas, interesting discussions, and great presentations! It will be fun, chatting about e-commerce, development practices, performance optimization, SEO strategies and life as a Magento geek in general.

Let’s network, share our experiences and create synergy.

Spread the word. Bring your Magento friends.

Let’s talk Magento!

When is it happening?

March 28 2015, 10 AM to 1PM (IST)

Where is the Venue?

DCKAP Technologies
L76A, L Block, 21st Street,
Anna Nagar, Near Chinthamani,
Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600102

Registrations are open!!!  Click here to attend the event.

If you wish to share your expertise and knowledge as a speaker, drop an email to

Come and be a part of the vibrant Magento community in Chennai!!!

AppNation Conference 2013 in San Francisco, CA


My name is Tim Diep, and I am a Regional Manager for DCKAP. Here at DCKAP, we were looking for ways to improve on our mobile platform. We had done many fun and interesting apps for both iOS and Android in the past, however we were getting bored with the same traditional app styles. I was looking for a change. Longing for innovation, I found the AppNation conference which was to be held in San Francisco’s Moscone Center. Being only 30 minutes away from DCKAP’s Headquarters, I felt that attending this event was a must. After much research and coordination, I was able to find a free “Full Conference” pass on one of my Mobile Meetups. This was a cost savings of $495!

As I walked around the conference, I would see many different app companies. Almost every single company had something cool to bring to the table. Designs were very catchy, functions were one of a kind, and there was definitely lots of innovation. There was a company by the name of Blippar, which stood out to me. @lucmichalski gave me a short demo of his app. He took a picture of a normal Heinz Ketchup Bottle and made it completely interactive. It popped out some cool visual effects, then launched a mini cookbook recipes using the Heinz Ketchup. There were other products that were interactive as well like a Wheaties box, a Coca Cola can, and a movie ad for Lord of the Rings. This was taking advertisement to a whole another level. You can check them out at https://blippar.com/en/about#aboutHeadline.

With the Full Conference Pass, I was able to head out to the Break Out Sessions. The session that I had attended was “Emerging Platform Deep Dive: Building Apps & Making Money in the Wearable”. It was lead by Stained Glass Labs’ founder @redgsnodgrass and presented by @shawnhardin, CEO of Mind Pirate. It was an excellent session, discovering which technologies will be the next greatest thing.

I will definitely look forward to attending the next AppNation that makes its way near the bay area. With so many new app ideas, you should look forward to seeing some fresh new apps from DCKAP. Hopefully next year, we will be showcasing some of our own apps. Hope to see you then.

Tim Diep
Regional Manager

Top 5 Challenges encountered during Android development

Top 5 Challenges encountere

Developers across the mobile world struggle to produce intuitive and innovative apps for Android platform. Their challenges arise from the excess of devices available on Google’s operating system, as well as incoherent operating system upgrades. Google’s open source vision for mobile development without any doubt is paving way for many opportunities, however it is also a source for many problems. Below is the list of difficulties android app developers face during application development.

• Problem in User Interface
Android does not follow a common UI process during their application development. Google till date has not introduced a common User Interface rule that needs to be followed. This in turn has led to certain applications being incompatible with certain devices. So android developers and designers should make sure they must build applications with responsive layout.

• Software Fragmentation Issue
Several versions of Android operating system are available on different devices. Timely upgrades change the version of Android OS that runs on the device. This implies that the developers can’t just focus on the most recent versions of the OS as not everyone upgrades their devices. It is inconvenient for many users to upgrade their operating systems because manufacturers play a vital role in device configuration.

• Usage of Third Party API
Certain third party API is device dependent and this restricts the usage of many apps across different devices. The SDK and cross-platform IDE does not allow android developers to use a single API across the range of versions.

• Security Issue
Recently Android mobile devices are getting affected by malware that is similar to PCs as a result of extensive internet usage. Lack of stringent rules in the area of software fragmentation in Android has led to proliferation of malware threats. To make things worse these security issues are quite difficult to fix and it is often one of the biggest challenges faced by android developers.

• Patent Issue
Android is open source so there is a possibility for imitation of applications that already exist. Many a times user interface and scenario of the application vary but the concept would have an obvious similarity with the existing applications. One of the reasons for this issue is there are no prescribed quality check rules for uploading apps in Android play store.

On Campus Direct Testing Event


At DCKAP, we make sure our clients are completely satisfied from initiation of project to project completion. What differentiates DCKAP from our competitors, is that we take it one step further and ensure that the website serves its main purpose. This ensures that the finished product is exactly what it was intended to be. That’s what we had done for one of our top customers, OnCampusDirect (OCD). OCD is a website portal where students at colleges all throughout the US, can come together and exchange textbooks. Instead of receiving pennies on the dollar when selling back to the bookstore, students are able to receive even more cash back when exchanging books among their peers.

To prepare for the upcoming school year, OCD and DCKAP had planned for a testing event to work out all possible bugs in the site. The event went very smooth and the participants provided great feedback on how to improve the site’s functionalities. As a token of our appreciation, we made the atmosphere very college like by providing pizza, sodas, and even had a ping pong match to close things off.

Look for the official launch of the OnCampusDirect site this fall!

The Launch of Qtect


On Sunday, May 26, 2013, we were ecstatic to launch Qtect.com a new website we developed from scratch. Qtect is a crowdsourcing website that brings together people who have a need for designs and talented designers in a mutually beneficial and powerful way.

Here is a quick breakdown of how it works:

1. Someone who needs a designer for a residential, commercial, or landscape project signs up with Qtect and then Qtect hosts the customer’s design needs to the site.
2. Designers begin posting designs for the project and the customers can interact with these designers.
3. The customer then chooses the three designs s/he likes the most.
4. The customer takes their designs to their architect, engineer, contractor, etc.
5. Qtect pays the designer and the customer ends up with an exceptional design at a MUCH lower cost.

Qtect is a beautiful concept that is going to benefit the designers and customers in the industry and it has been such a pleasure working with Dr. Nir Buras, the Founder and CEO of Qtect. The first time we spoke with Dr. Buras was in November 2012 and we began developing his site shortly thereafter. At DCKAP, we love seeing great ideas and initial conversations turn into a fully functional website that will help the client grow and this is exactly what happened with Qtect. Overall, Qtect is a prime example of what happens when a general idea and extensive thought sharing between DCKAP and a client merge together with Ruby on Rails developers to create a brand new website for a business. We truly hope you will head over to Qtect.com to check out the great things they have happening and also consider us for your next Ruby on Rails project.