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DCKAP is a full-service digital commerce agency.

We approach every project with a carefully selected team of solution specialists, comprised of designers, developers, strategists, managers and technologists. We formulate strategies that define shopping experiences and drive revenue online for customers in a digital-first world.

  • Design
  • User-Experience
  • Development
  • Data & Integrations
  • Marketing & SEO
  • Quality Assurance
  • Managed Services
  • Strategy
  • Site Upgrades
  • Products & Extensions
  • Maintenance & Support


Whether you are looking to replatform, upgrade, or start with a fresh build, we understand the process and steps needed for a successful project, from start to finish. We have a qualified team of certified developers as well as solution specialists, with extensive hands-on B2C & B2B expertise.

Design & User-Experience

We are well versed in creating intuitive, brand-centric design that adheres to best practices and standards as they relate to conversion driven eCommerce conventions. Additionally, through taking a mobile-first approach, the site will be responsive across all devices and screen sizes ensuring an optimized shopping experience whether customers are browsing on a phone, tablet, or desktop. In addition to existing functionality, we will work to enhance the user-experience wherever possible delivering experiences that exceed customer expectations.

Data & Integrations

E-commerce is a diverse ecosystem that extends well beyond just a website. We understand this ecosystem as well as anybody, and can build a seamless experience that integrates with your ERP.





Oracle Magento Integration

Oracle is a global leader in Database Systems, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Integrating Oracle and Magento helps retails harness the features of these two popular platforms.

SAP Magento Integration

Leading organizations across the world rely on SAP based ERP systems for their products, resources and customer management. In an omnichannel retail Integrating SAP and Magento provides an edge to create a world class customer experience.

P21 Magento Integration

Magento P21 Integration helps retailers combine the features of two feature rich platforms to create a powerful omni-channel retail solution that helps merchants to fulfill the never ending needs of a customer.

Odoo Magento Integration

Odoo Magento Integration brings in the power of the platform that has numerous in built application for Sales, Operations, Marketing, eCommerce into Magento thereby enhancing the power of the modern eCommerce retailer.

Quality Assurance

It just takes a small glitch in your website to put off customers and abandon the website forever. The path to eCommerce excellence is incomplete without an independent QA team who can help you overcome:

  • – Performance Bottlenecks
  • – User Interface Glitches
  • – Mobile responsive assessments
  • – Integration Hurdles
  • – Shopping Cart Evaluation
  • – Payment Gateway Analysis

Managed Services

Successful commerce strategies don’t end at launch, they begin. As customer and business requirements continually change, you’ll need a team to ensure your solution is operating as a well oiled machine. Whether it’s staying abreast of core version updates, fine tuning for performance, or conducting usability audits, our team of commerce architect’s main priority is not only that you don’t experience downtime, but that we keep pushing the limits of what’s capable.


The grandest of ambitions mean nothing without a solid plan in place. No code, pixels, or content should ever come before an in-depth discussion of your requirements and the time necessary to fully understand the core objectives of the project and your business. Only then can we architect a solution that will most effectively drive your online revenue. The result, a comprehensive roadmap for your online success.


Marketing & SEO

Search is vital to any online business and we understand the importance of not disrupting current rankings. Architecting SEO-friendly pages and mapping existing URLs to forward correctly is simply standard practice. Additionally, we utilize conversion driven marketing strategies such as coupons and promotions, as well as leverage rewards and reviews to drive larger average order values.


Product Customization and personalization has been a long standing need to improve user experience and conversions. To achieve such customization's in a seamless way, independent of eCommerce platforms, we have Productimize. An all in one product customization software, with the most competitive pricing in the market.

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