DXE Medical is a well-known and specialized organization in selling medical products such as automated external defibrillators (AEDs), Re-certified defibrillators, vital signs monitors, EKGs, pulse oximeters and much more. Over a period of time, they expanded their business from selling to servicing their products. DXE Medical has become a master distributor of all lines sold and conducts business in all 50 states and 35 countries worldwide. The organization has been also named to Inc. 5000’s fastest growing companies and holds a multitude of federal and State contracts.

Business Scenario 

DXE Medical’s online stores were developed on an outdated Magento version with inappropriate coding standards which caused conflicts in the websites. Many third party extensions had been installed without performing a compatibility test. This affected its merchandising ability, SEO, and also impacted the site performance.

DXE Medical needed a permanent solution for the glitches so that they could provide excellent service to their customers. They also wanted the website experience to be smooth and seamless for their customers. Thus, the overall goal was to improvise the user experience and also build a scalable site that would allow for significant revenue growth over time.

Business Challenges

Besides the issues mentioned above, DCKAP certified professionals analyzed and came with the other critical challenges/enhancements that needed immediate action.

  • Conflicts between multiple extensions caused server time-out error
  • The website pages had numerous script errors resulting in poor page load time
  • Digital store was operating in traditional Google custom search and outdated checkout process
  • Challenges in canonical tags and URL mappings to new URLs

Our Solution

A Magento certified team was assigned to study and provide solutions to the requirements of DXE Medical. This team’s initial goal was to comprehend the operational process, challenges and their business goals.

By doing so, the team managed to build a strong client relationship and sustain better communication with the client.  After the initial meetings, the team came up with a project plan to meet DXE Medical business needs and requirements.

Also, the certified professionals carried out a complete audit of the website.  The listed measures were implemented based on the criticality of the issues/findings to create a hassle free environment and long-term scalability.

  • The site was migrated to a new optimized server instance, after analyzing the current server
  • The site was upgraded to the latest version of Magento (CE
  • The conflicts between the extensions were removed
  • To enhance user’s experience, the digital store front-end design was improved
  • The traditional Google custom search was replaced with advance sphinx search to optimize the search result
  • Meta descriptions were mapped to the appropriate URL's using canonical tags

Business Impact

Upgrading to the latest version of Magento, eliminating the conflicts between the extensions and optimizing the server instance had the following business impact.

  • Better and a seamless users experience
  • Increase in the number or unique visitors to the site
  • Improved the site performance key to sales, conversions & loyalty

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