Giro is a U.S. manufacturer of helmets, apparel, shoes, soft goods for cycling, and goggles for skiing and snowboarding. Giro, a part of BRG sports, was founded in Santa Cruz, California in 1985. Giro Sports Design develops new ideas to enhance cycling and winter sports. From the first lightweight, high-performance helmets for cycling and skiing, to apparel that reimagines what sportswear can be, Giro maintains a strong focus on creating products that enhance the feeling of freedom and independence that are at the core of a rider¹s experience. As a leader in the design, fit and engineering of products that complement the body, Giro is the first choice of riders worldwide.

Business Scenario

This holiday season Giro had a strategic move to acquire customers through gift cards. Traditionally, Gift Cards help in brand building and boost visibility and customer loyalty. It provides customers with a wide choice of options for redemption and allows the recipient to select their preferred product. Above all, it helps brands to engage and acquire new customers for the product.

Some of these statistics on gift cards provide us valuable inputs on why brands like Giro needs to implement gift card promotions.

  • 72% of customers will spend MORE than the value of their card.
  • On average, the recipient will spend 20% MORE than their Gift Card value.
  • 90% of Gift Cards are used within the first 60 days.

Business Challenges

Magento Clutch Integration 2Giro was working in tandem with a third party marketing platform known as Clutch where all the gift card processing was handled. To make sure the gift card promotions work seamlessly, we needed an Integration between Magento Enterprise and Clutch platform. But the existing Clutch API supports only Community version of Magento and it had to be customized for the Enterprise version.

Also, there was a requirement for e-Gift Card, where a card number and the corresponding pin would be sent to the customer. This functionality was not available in the existing Clutch API and had to be developed separately in Magento.

Our Solutions

Magento Enterprise and Clutch Integration.

Our Primary focus was to provide a solid Magento Clutch integration so that the data transmission between these two platforms is glitch free. But the major challenge was that the Clutch API supported only the community version of Magento. We customized this integration to support the Enterprise edition.Magento Clutch Integration 1 Clutch platform provides a loyalty program feature along with Gift Card functionality. We separated the loyalty features from the Gift cards.

Integrated Gift Card process with SAP (WSDL)

Giro had an existing Magento SAP Integration where every purchase was integrated with SAP. The new gift card orders also needed to be integrated with SAP. The existing WSDL parameters were altered and the Gift Card order information and gift redemption points were integrated with SAP.

Gift Card Purchasing:

The customer can purchase e-Gift Cards and physical Gift Cards. While physical Gift Cards are handled by SAP, e-Gift Cards are processed in Magento. The Magento application was programmed to send the e-Gift Card details to the customer once the order is completed.

Magento SAP Clutch Integration Purchase

Gift Card Redemption:

The Gift Card Redemption process was made available while making the payment. The balance points available in the gift card were emailed once the order is placed.

Magento SAP Clutch Integration Redemption

Business Impact

  • Integrating Magento Enterprise with Clutch and SAP was a key step to making Gift Card work as the Clutch API was available only for Magento Community.
  • Customers can email an e-Gift or mail a physical card to their recipient.
  • Gift Cards helps in bringing in more sales from existing customers and also acquiring new customers.
  • Implementing gift cards helped Giro is acquiring behavioral data on how customers interact with gift cards and their purchase pattern.

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