On Campus Direct, a leading online bookstore with a huge database with more than 300,000 books. They work on an futuristic business model where users can purchase, rent or lend books to others. This business was primarily trageted towards the student community who would benefit a lot buy lending unused books and renting out books instead of purchasing them. To faciliate the buyers and sellers On Campus Direct required a robus platform that would bring everyone to one centralized location.

Business Scenario

The business model of On Campus Direct revolved around the student community, hence the experience needs to be slick and performance swift. Also the platform needs to be integrated with social channels to aid students to connect with their network to post ads or rent books. If the books are unavailable customers should be able to check out those books in portals such as Amazon, eBay, Half, Powell's ..etc. This integration with the third party website needs to be seamless and allow customers to get books within their website.

On Campus Direct-


To handle such diverse content, a content management system like Drupal would be best fit. The whole platform was developed in Drupal 7 which allowed us to implement the required featutres that included social login, third party integrations, customized modules and much more. To further enhance the user experinece, we implemented a responsive theme so that customers can rent, lend or purchase on the go with their mobiles.

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