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Choosing the right Magento eCommerce Development Agency.

Magento is a leading digital commerce platform with a global ecosystem. According to Magento, there are 150,000 developers and a network of 300+ highly-trained solution partners. Thousands of merchants have built profitable Magento eCommerce stores on Magento, and many more are in development. A Google search for ‘Magento Development Agency’ produces thousands of results. How to choose a Magento eCommerce development agency among them?

Here is a partial list of things to keep in mind as you work through selecting partners to work with.


Solution Partners

Magento built an ecosystem of solution partners, to help merchants grow their business. These partners are experts in the end-to-end implementation of projects including design, development, site customization, integration, QA, and deployment.


Case Studies

The credibility of a Magento agency is largely measured by the projects they have successfully developed and deployed. Nothing is more convincing than an existing referrable client.

Domain Expertise

Understanding of the client’s business is critical for the success of a project. The agency must have subject matter experts who understand the domain and fills the knowledge gap. Taking the time to document, clarify, re-state and simplify. Their analytical skills and experience plays a major role during requirement elicitation.


Commitment to Excellence

There are other indicators such as the processes an agency follows, awards won, blogs and articles by the agency’s thought leaders and keynote addresses in conferences. You will see the agency’s name popping up in conferences, community gatherings, industry news etc.


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