Retail Commerce Challenges

It just takes a small glitch in your website to put off customers and abandon the website forever. The path to eCommerce excellence is incomplete without an independent QA team who can help you overcome


  • Performance Bottlenecks
  • User Interface Glitches
  • Mobile responsive assessments
  • Integration Hurdles
  • Shopping Cart Evaluation
  • Payment Gateway Analysis


To enhance customer delight, it’s important that retailers focus on providing an impeccable user experience which cannot be achieved unless a dedicated QA team works on it.

Magento QA Services

Functional Testing

Functional Testing runs across the website ensuring every functionality works according to the business needs.

Performance Testing

Identifies the performance bottlenecks that affects conversions and helps in benchmarking the website to industry standards.

Automated Testing

Critical workflows that needs to be tested regularly can be automated to ensure new builds don’t affect the existing workflows.

Integration Testing

Retailers plugin a lot of third party apps, extensions and ERP with Magento. Integration testing ensures a seamless workflow across different systems.

Compatibility Testing

Assuring a consistent user experience without glitches across browsers, mobiles and devices.

Regression Testing

Reassuring that every new release does not break any of the existing code, functionalities and third party integrations.

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