Charming Charlie is a women’s contemporary jewelry and accessories retailer. The brand is known for merchandising its broad assortment of the product by color, which includes fashion jewelry, handbags, accessories, apparel, and more.  The price ranges from $5 to $150 for select limited edition items.

Today, the company has grown to over $500M in sales and has more than 350 global retail stores across the United States, Canada, and the Middle East, quickly transforming from "the best-kept secret" into a flourishing global brand.

Business Challenges

The client wanted to reduce operating costs while increasing efficiency and consistency of the website. There was a need for continuous process improvement and tools for managing the same.

The site had existing daily and weekly promotions. The challenge was to continuously update the promotional rules without breaking any functionalities.

The trend in mobile and tablet device usage has increased and it was imperative that we delivered an experience tailored to mobile users.

On the whole, the client needed a formal testing process, methodology, tools, metrics collection and reporting to ensure smooth functioning of the website.

Our Solutions

Well-defined methodology for testing was implemented for testing new/enhanced functionalities with the  test documentation. Testing was conducted in 3 dedicated environments - QA, UAT, and Production.Charming Charlie Case Study

Working with the client, post-production defects were reduced through test cases and documentation. As a part of process improvement, test checklist and test matrix were implemented.

Daily and weekly promotions were thoroughly tested. Regression testing was automated using Selenium and Magento Test Automation Framework (MTF).

Critical business scenarios were monitored 24/7 using New Relic Synthetics and in case of failure, automatic notifications are sent. Comprehensive metrics were collected and reported on the first time visitors and returning users to the website.

Scripts were also written to monitor web browsers as well as for iPhone, iPad, and Android browsers.

Magento QA

Business Impact

  • ‘Follow-the-sun’ testing model led to reduction in test cycle time.
  • Complimentary onsite/off-shore time zones improving the ‘time-to-market’ situation.
  • Reduced the regression testing time by 50% in UAT and Production.
  • Improved resource utilization and reduced cost by automating regression testing.
  • Improved quality of site by reducing post production defects.
  • Helped to improve response time by implementing New Relic Synthetics.
  • Improved the average customer order by monitoring and testing daily and weekly promotions.

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