Odoo Magento Integration

Odoo Magento Integration unites the power of two robust open-source platforms to provide an absolute OmniChannel experience. Magento, a top platform across B2C/B2B ecommerce, when combined with the out of the bos features of Odoo, can surge ahead in providing a great user experience. Odoo Magento Integration brings in the power of the platform that has numerous in built application for Sales, Operations, Marketing, eCommerce into Magento thereby enhancing the power of the modern eCommerce retailer.

DCKAP has been in the forefront of Magento Integrations with various Industry leading ERP's like SAP, Oracle and Epicor Prophet 21. Magento's brilliant API helps retailers to build a solid integration across various ERP's and third-party systems to enable a true omnichannel solution.



Real Time Inventory

Get a real-time status on the inventory from Odoo and present it to your customers in the Magento store-front.

Order Management

Match the CRM data in Odoo with the customer orders to get an all round persona of the buyer.

Offline and Online Integration

Integrate the Offline purchases through the POS data along with the Online purchase to provide unique promotions to your customer.

Stock Management

Integrate Offline and Online purchases to get a better sales forecast, thereby maintaining a healthy fulfillment of stocks in warehouses.

Payments and Accounting

Seamless data flow between Accounting in Odoo and Payments in Magento reduces confusions and data redundancy.

Sales Data Integration

Sync the entire sales data from every channel to analyse purchase behaviour and develop actionable insights.

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