Leading organizations across the world rely on SAP based ERP systems for their Products, Resources and Customer Management. SAP is the backbone for numerous companies in their day to day operations and management.

Magento has its own inventory management system, but when it comes to handling multi-channel retailers, it needs to be integrated with the other systems to achieve success. Since Magento allows integration with other systems using the Web Services methodology, SAP Magento integration can be done through 3 independent mechanisms

  • SOAP – Simple Object Access Protocol.
  • REST – Representational State Transfer.
  • XMLRPC – XML1 Remote Procedure Call

SAP Magento Integration Benefits

Improves Efficiency

This integration empowers SAP with the data from Magento thereby reducing the redundancy in operations and improving efficiency.

SAP Capabilities in Magento

Companies that operate in SAP, need to implement this integration to unify the SAP capabilities in Magento.

Omni-channel Brilliance

Omni-channel retailers rely heavily on operational excellence which is possible through this integration

Integrated Organization

SAP Magento Integration allows Organizations to integrate across departments right from Finance, Supply Chain, Purchasing and much more

Consistent User Experience

Synchronizing data at the required intervals provides a consistent user experience across all channels

Insightful Analytics

The data of a product right from inception till its sale provides insightful analytics to the retailer.

Customer Success Stories


We implemented a harmonious data flow across Magento and SAP by updating the existing deprecated SAP connector with a high end WSDL to provide an effective integration across all channels.


A complex integration across Magento, SAP and Clutch gift cards was successfully implemented to ensure every gift card purchase, be it physical or online, provides a consistent user experience.

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