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DCKAP Analytics Vision

Visualize & Transform Your Digital Business By Leveraging Predictive eCommerce Data Analytics

Virtual Data Scientist

Encouraging growth by bringing all the data you need to solve challenges.

Data-Driven Decisions

Empowers your team with real-time data for thoughtful actionable insights.

Save Tonnes Of Time

Forget endless hours of manual work. Sync once, streamline forever.

How DCKAP Analytics Works?

Automate, sense, and predict your clearer path to success. Leverage data to consistently delight customers and keep them coming back for more.


No coding. No complexity. Connect your eCommerce conveniently to start using, track buyers, access data, and more – all without needing a developer.


Leaving no space for assumptions. Businesses can predict demand and see how products are faring. Gain actionable insights and apply learnings.


Never miss an insight. Harnessing the power of data by using state-of-art advanced analytics to help enterprises thrive and transform in the digital age.

Features of DCKAP Analytics

Data leads to insights and brands can turn those insights into decisions that propel business growth. Shape the future of your business by creating seamless online experiences.

Combine data and customer insights, have a deeper understanding of your customers, influence your decision making, and develop strategies that work in your favor to optimize your online presence.

Analytics Data Connectors

Easy to integrate. No code required. Get instant insights into your company and customer data. You’re one step away from embracing the fastest means of analyzing data to grow your business.

Shopify Analytics

Connect your Shopify store and get insights on how your business is performing and make factual decisions based on the derived and predicted data.

Magento Analytics

Blend your business and data. Monitor metrics. Analyze customers. And improve your business strategies to fuel growth.

BigCommerce Analytics

Visualize progress. Track projects. Understand customers, stay agile, and aggregate your business to make better-informed decisions.


Improve overall customer experience. Segment buyers and deliver personalized email campaigns based on shopping trends.

eCommerce Analytics Dashboard

Dig deep with diverse dashboards for understanding customer insights to make informed decisions, improve acquisition, retention, and more.

Sales Analytics

Presents a sales overview based on location and time. Users can find out the most preferred buying time and location based products selling so they can organize stock in warehouses efficiently.

Products Analytics

Know your most selling, fast moving, and slow moving products. Access the stock performance report and see which products are out of stock or going to be. Helpful for inventory management.

Customer Analytics

Generates a report of customer segmentation and customer behavior. Highly beneficial for targeted customer selling and personalized marketing by grouping customers into clusters.

Sales Forecasting

Predicts the future sales of the next three months based on past months historical data. Never take a decision in doubt again. Get results and bring success closer to you with tailored dashboards.

Benefits of DCKAP Analytics

The future is closer than you think. eCommerce Data Analytics will be every businesses’ new-normal intelligent workforce.

Future Focussed

Get a glimpse of your future. Forecast your revenue and growth with credible data-backed insights.

Granular Visibility

Predict outcomes and alternatives generating a high-fidelity view of your business operations.

Single Click Results

You don’t even have to do an extra tap. Access every data point you want, without any waiting.

Real-Time Insights

There’s no waiting. Business-critical analytics processed and visualized in the blink of an eye

No Code Solution

Intuitive and flexible framework that effortlessly integrates with your online store. Zero hiccups and hassles.

Seamless Data Sync

Our streaming architecture syncs the data superfast and provides the ability to analyze huge data-sets.

DCKAP Analytics FAQs of eCommerce Website Analytics

How do I connect my eCommerce platform with DCKAP Analytics?

After you sign up, you will be redirected to the connectors dashboard wherein you’ll be needing to enter the credentials for connecting.

How do I export a report in DCKAP Analytics?

You can download the data in a .csv file so the data will be accessible to you offline, whenever you need it.

Will I be able to predict my sales using DCKAP Analytics?

Yes. Based on past sales and the buyers’ behavior, DCKAP Analytics gives you a fair idea of how the future prospects are looking about.

Does DCKAP Analytics keep track of inventory?

Currently no, DCKAP Analytics does not track inventory. But the dashboard displays the current inventory stock, so you are always updated with data.

How many years of historical data can I import into DCKAP Analytics?

Free Users can upload 10,000 rows of data. Whereas, paid users can benefit from importing 3 years of data to ensure a better future.

How often does my data get updated in DCKAP Analytics?

Once in 6 hours, currently. And very soon, we are rolling out sleek features that keep your data updated, on the go.

I need an integration you don’t offer. What can I do?

Well, you can send us a mail at, and we’d be happy to help you integrate your site into DCKAP Analytics for greater efficiency.

What analytics platforms do you integrate with?

DCKAP Analytics seamlessly integrates with Google Analytics and gives you the best of data to understand your buyers, make better decisions, and more.

What eCommerce platforms do I integrate with DCKAP Analytics with?

Magento, Shopify, and BigCommerce are currently in hand. And in a while, we’re coming up with an API that lets you integrate with any of your choices.

How to upgrade or update my DCKAP Analytics subscription?

You can contact us at to get it done. Also, we’d be happy to clarify any queries in case you have any.


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