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The Rise of CBD Industry

The cannabis industry is uplifting new brands to find their path in this rapidly evolving CBD marketspace. The expected revenue is breathtaking and luring brands to venture into the CBD business. The sales of CBD is predicted to reach $2.1 billion by 2020. The internet or other direct means buying rate at 41% is the most sought after US hemp based sales channel. While the numbers seem lucrative, there is also stiff competition, as there are 850+ brands of CBD products in the US market currently. Amidst such circumstances and legal tussles, how do CBD brands get noticed and generate huge profits? Build an online store with an eCommerce agency that has a sound understanding of the trade and future market scenario.

BigCommerce, one of the world’s leading eCommerce solutions with over $17 billion merchant sales, powers CBD online stores with their portal. Build an attractive online CBD store, reach a broad market, convert visitors into customers, sell fast, and scale faster. Or, as BigCommerce says, relax with an eCommerce platform that supports your success.

DCKAP, with 14+ years of eCommerce experience, can help you build an alluring CBD online store complying with all the legal regulations and necessary integrations. Our CBD industry and BigCommerce experts will learn to understand your brand and assemble an outstanding online store to rocket your sales.

Create An Online Store Which Speaks For Itself

Low effort experience is the key! DCKAP creates visually stunning online stores with rich UI to elevate your brand and increase conversion rates. We entrust multiple layers of security, get online CBD payment processors right, set up online age verification, and all the necessary integration your brand needs to attract customers.

Secure Online CBD Payment Processors

Despite its growing popularity, selling CBD online is still surprisingly difficult, as top gateways don’t agree to the terms, and cannabis banking services are still not available. But the good news – DCKAP has been instrumental in integrating CBD online stores with intuitive payment processors that allow seamless purchases of CBD products online.

Setting Up A Reliable Online Age Verification

It is illegal to sell Vape and CBD products to citizens below 21 in the United States. Reduce risk, prevent fraud, and comply with payment processor and FDA regulations by implementing age verification. With the help of a third-party system, DCKAP integrates online age verification which allows purchases only if customer billing data is verified legal as per FDA guidelines.

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Powerful Security Systems To Eliminate Risks

Not just for a CBD online store, every website needs a powerful security system in place to safeguard the site from attacks. While we build your dream online CBD store, we make it a point to protect it with multiple layers of security. Ensuring your online store is fully secure increases customers’ trust in your brand, and we help your business attain the same.

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Increase Visitors With SEO Marketing Strategies

Google and Facebook will not run CBD ads. So, how do CBD online stores advertise their products and attract customers? DCKAP helps you use the right keywords in the relevant landing pages to help online stores appear on the top of search engine results. This way, it will be easier for your online stores to get noticed, and bring in more traffic to your website.

Maintain And Manage Products Data Effectively

Whether you sell ten products or 10,000 – you still have tons of information to manage. Product data, images, attributes, manuals, specifications, and the list goes on. DCKAP integrates your online store exclusively with DCKAP PIM, a robust product information management system where you can store all CBD product data in one single place accessible to all.

By decreasing your product lead times, reducing product returns, promoting cross sales and up sales, enriching your data information and streamlining your user experience, DCKAP PIM solution can make your eCommerce online store more successful.


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Online Age Verification

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