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10 DCKAPians Flying To Magento Live India

By |April 28, 2017 January 3rd, 2022No Comments

As Magento looks for markets and business opportunities beyond US & Europe, India is a natural destination. India’s transformation over the last two decades has been remarkable; the growth of its economy impressive. This change is visible all around us. Magento Live India 2017 (May 2, 2017) has come to India at the right time.

With a growth rate of over 7%, despite the general global downturn, India today is not just the fastest growing major economy in the world, it is also one of the most open and welcoming destinations for investments and technologies.

On the eCommerce front, here is an interesting infographic…

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India is a vibrant democracy of 1.3 billion people with a young, skilled workforce and an aspirational middle-class market of over 400 million people. Magento must think of ways of tapping this immense potential. It has taken a step in the right direction by having Magento Contribution day in Bengaluru and Chennai. (If you are passionate about Magento development and want to contribute, you must not miss this).

magento live india 2017

magento live india 2017Let’s spread the word

In the Tamil Classic Sangam literature, Tirukkural (literally, Sacred Verses), written 2000 years ago by poet Thiruvalluvar, there is a couplet on “Cherishing One’s Kindred” – “The crow crows when it lights on food and caws ‘Come, kin, and join!.” Good and only good will come if we share with others.

The meaning – The crows do not conceal their food, but will call out for others (to share with them) while they eat; good things will happen to those who show a similar disposition.

In a very similar vein, the knowledge that is shared is knowledge multiplied. Magento Live India is a great platform for Magento merchants, developers, solution and technology partners, development agencies to share, listen, learn from each other and the Magento leadership team. The Magento community in India must spread the word about the conference and help make it a success. Click here to register and to know the schedule.

Read our blog to know why we are so excited about Magento Live India, 2017.

10 DCKAPians belonging to various teams like Project Management, Product, Extension, Development, Marketing, HR are flying from Chennai to Bengaluru to attend the Magento Live India conference. We will be glad to meet you at the networking lunch sponsored by DCKAP.

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