I stumbled upon ‘Customer-effective Web Sites‘ authored by Jodie Dalgleish a couple of days ago. This book was written in the year 2000 and the rules are still relevant today.

I am quoting her preface – ” In a nutshell, I want to see “real people” better served on the internet. Real people need to do everyday things to run their hectic lives, and the web can help them do that. I want to see the internet come of age as a service medium because it has the potential if harnessed correctly, to emancipate customers rather than frustrate and restrain them’.

After 18 years, we are still in that quest to make ecommerce sites, particularly, B2B sites, customer-effective.

Here are the rules in the infographic format…17-RULES-EVERY-E-COMMERCE-SITE-SHOULD-FOLLOW-info-image


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