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5 B2B eCommerce Success Stories You Cannot Miss!

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Any crisis can impact you in two ways – it can either break you or make you.

As COVID-19 held its grip over the world, its repercussions on businesses were strongly felt. Sighting the best possible option, the need for digital transformation echoed harder than ever, with B2B sales increasingly stemming from eCommerce websites

If you haven’t already, you are still not late to rethink your online strategy and gauge the need for eCommerce transition, whether it be platform migration or in terms of any digital commerce services to help you through the competition. eCommerce success stories are just the right testimonies you need in guiding you further to go online. From performance optimization to tackling complex features, leverage your website to shoot up your online presence.

Read on to be inspired by the selected B2B eCommerce case studies that carved out a new way for their online journey.

Check Out Five Compelling B2B eCommerce Success Stories 

[#1] 175.4% hike in conversion rate for marine equipment distributor via high-powered platform migration

What is it like to go for digital transformation at a time when the version of your eCommerce platform reaches the end of life? You will soon find an array of questions laughing right back at you, the prominent one being, ‘Should we migrate to another platform or go forward with the new version?’ And here’s Marysville Marine Distributors, a wholesale distributor of boating parts and marine equipment, making the most viable decision of migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2 Commerce Cloud edition. From a smooth ERP integration, security enhancements, to improving site speed, the routes in their quest were many. But their solution – one – a true migration to Magento 2.Seamless migration for both B2B and B2C websites with improved registration forms came to place, also adding in online and offline sync. Their Magento P21 integration was made smoother with complete automation via DCKAP Integrator, our integration platform. With multi-site/multi-location support, more B2B features, integrating ShipperHQ’s seamless shipping solution, and other third-party integrations, their online storefront now flies high with 13.9% faster site speed and a conversion rate of 175.4%.For more information, check out the full eCommerce case study.

[#2] Supreme UI/UX via top geared eCommerce implementation for leading aftermarket auto parts wholesalers

Seizing eCommerce transformation at its finest is everything and more that puts your brand on the topmost pedestal. And that’s exactly what CyM Distributors did. With a flawless UI/UX in place, the website promises nothing short of uncomplicated, effortless navigation and search functionality, weaved into the aesthetically pleasing design. Parallel to other extensions, they also required a multiple invoice payment feature and the addition of language inputs for English and Spanish. Integrating key features with DCKAP Integrator brought about unmatched user experience resulting from invoice payment sync, category sync, customer account creation, among many.We put in place advanced B2B features including motor/automotive wiring diagram, quick order, rules-based pricing, sub-account limit, search history, etc. to set the bar atop in the B2B eCommerce front. Learn more about the fruitful implementation process here.

[#3] Top-grade eCommerce implementation for a full-line distributor of laboratory products

Midland Scientific, Inc (MSI) had everything under its wings except an optimal B2B eCommerce platform. Juggling with the perils of inflexibility and inaccurate search functions, their quest for the best eCommerce platform led them to Magento 2, a perfect fit for their B2B operations. With our efforts reaching fruition, the baton of operational flexibility is now secure in their hands through the addition of features including item restrictions, scheduled orders, quick order, and flawless search functionality. From automated data synchronization to making way for an easier customer registration process, MSI now hosts a fully optimized Magento 2 store with customizable features and top-notch P21 integration achieved via our middleware solution Cloras, guaranteeing a prime user experience.Attaining flexibility and control over their website, Midland Scientific, Inc shows how perfect choice can be the real gamechanger. Explore more.Digital transformation of B2B distributor

[#4] Stirring digital transformation for Ohio’s largest distributor of industrial products

Ever wondered why gridlocks on the road spoil our mood? It creates friction in our smooth ride, leaving us irritated. The same goes for eCommerce customer’s journey, who get stuck with complicated functionalities, regretting their choice of online store.And what’s the way out? Flexibility and user-friendliness are, hands down, the ingredients for the calm drive through your website. That’s exactly what Jergens Industrial Supply (JIS) strived to achieve and searched for ways to deliver a flawless shopping experience. Their quickness in identifying the blots culminated in re-platforming to BigCommerce from the custom-built platform. Our team of experts opened doors to a flawless P21 integration delivered via Cloras, dynamic pricing, and enhanced search functionality. With flexibility coming their way, their continual dependence on developers has long been a thing of the past and JIS now flies high with an impeccable eCommerce website, guaranteeing a smooth customer journey.

Read the full case study.

[#5] Peerless eCommerce transition accelerated for noted agricultural equipment distributor 

Realizing the inadequacies of their static website built on a custom platform, Quality Farm Supply, one of the largest providers of parts for production agriculture, farm supplies, and tractor parts, pushed the envelope further by re-platforming to Shopify Advanced.The intricate implementation process brought about a fully customized eCommerce website with advanced UI/UX, giving way for intuitive and user-friendly designs that altered the homepage and CMS pages. In addition to a seamless ERP integration attained via DCKAP Integrator, our integration platform, ‘PIM Integration’, a custom private app, which is the brainwork of our Shopify team bridged the gap between Triactive PIM and their Shopify platform. From the upgraded search feature, adding the right plug-ins, to categorizing product information, their online storefront now thrives in optimized website performance, bringing forth an unrivaled shopping experience for their customers. Dive in to learn more about the successful journey of the agriculture equipment transformation of agriculture equipment distributor

Winding Thoughts

Each story of success gives you different aspects and perceptions to ponder upon. As much as each of these implementations opens up more experiences, they also add up to the expertise, giving the confidence to head on for more eCommerce services with better deliverables.  15+ years of experience in the eCommerce arena has provided DCKAP with the perfect resources and skills to thrive as a digital commerce community. Our developers are all set to offer you the best eCommerce services to curate your online storefront to trigger sales and revenue. With us, take your online storefront to a whole new level.

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