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8 Digital Transformation Tactics to Improve Your eCommerce Business

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“There is no alternative to digital transformation. Visionary companies will carve out new strategic options for themselves — those that don’t adapt, will fail.”

Jeff Bezos, Founder and CEO of Amazon

Digital transformation is, without a question, the need of the hour. In a rapidly changing world, the only way for you to survive is by embracing the change. Digital transformation is the anchor upon which your business can strengthen its hold. As 89% of the companies have already gone digital, you cannot afford to lag behind, putting your business and dreams at risk. Adopting eCommerce will not only up your game but will also give clarity to your goals. In a customer-driven market, eCommerce websites deliver a satisfying shopping experience, securing customer retention. As you read further, you will have a clear idea about how the optimal features of eCommerce websites trigger sales and boost revenue. Digital transformation will boost sales

8 Ways to Reap Benefits of Digital Transformation

1. Ensure Customer Presence Through Your Online PlatformsOnline presence is imperative in ensuring the growth of your eCommerce business both in terms of conversion rate and revenue. As the study shows, eCommerce sales are expected to hit $4.5 trillion in 2021, a huge leap from 2017 that recorded $2.3 trillion. Resorting to numerous online platforms with right strategies will make your transition smoother.Online platforms like marketplaces, social media, creative content outlets, communication services and search engines facilitate your interaction with clients and prospective customers. These platforms boost productivity more than through traditional methods as it facilitates the implementation of various tools for time tracking and task management among many others. Additionally, social media platforms and digital marketing can be used effectively to reach your customers. With perfect strategies, your networking and connectivity will be strengthened much more effortlessly. Your eCommerce website is not bound by geography and you can increase the website visibility irrespective of the time zone and location. 2. Channelize Your Expenditure to Boost User Experience Moving to eCommerce will reduce expenditure to a great extent, an advantage of digital transformation that you cannot turn a blind eye to. eCommerce business will conveniently ally the operations and give you the best of both worlds. As per the reports, 67% of shoppers in the US favor the in-store pickup option. With this option,you can save shipping costs as customers can directly come to your physical store to collect the products that they ordered online. Distribution and supply-chain management will be more streamlined, thereby reducing transaction costs. You will get a clear idea on shipping profile and expenses. By acting upon it, you can invariably reduce the outbound freight costs. Streamlining will benefit inventory management and its associated costs as you have a say in the inbound transportation. With the orders placed online, products can be shipped directly to the customers from the warehouse. Hence, a lucrative niche market can be put in place. Scaling up your online business is also a lot less expensive than expanding your physical store. Digital transformation is cost-effective in all aspects of the business including marketing techniques as online advertising saves you money and effort while securing more visibility than offline marketing.3. Increase Traffic Through Appealing Website Design Website design and its functionalities form the heart and soul of your eCommerce website. As studies show, 94% of customers set an impression about your store depending on the web design. Their perception becomes the deciding factor to return to your online storefront. An appealing website with its smooth functionality will ultimately help you generate leads. Good web design will indirectly influence your on-page SEO factors like keyword, image optimization, and many more, increasing your SEO ranking. Web design and functionalities go hand in hand. An eCommerce website that offers smooth navigation is favored by more customers and can help you generate more leads. With exact labeling and perfect layout, customers will find what they are searching for without wasting much time.

Search performance and fast-paced loading pages also contribute to effective functionalities that are crucial in boosting conversion rates. Along with these features, your eCommerce website should adopt a responsive design that provides unmatched user experience in devices ranging from desktops to smartphones. 4. Ensure Customer Satisfaction Through Personalization Providing a personalized shopping experience is your trump card that spearheads digital transformation. As ensuring customer satisfaction remains the core element, focusing on ways to assure customization and personalization will prove to be more productive. Through personalization, you can show them the exact products that could hook them to your eCommerce website.Shopping behavior can be analyzed through various means including social media, browsing history, or any information they must have submitted. This data can ultimately help you in gaining customers by delivering a more streamlined shopping experience. Personalization can be executed in two ways:

  • On-site personalization- Homepage personalization and life cycle segmentation are the catalysts to increase your conversion rates. Understanding their lifestyle cycle and personalizing the homepage would create a sense of involvement among customers, also they provide a doorway to grab a look at what’s in store.
  • Off-site personalization- Comprising of email personalization and behavioral segmentation, off-site personalization is crucial as a 9% hike in cart abandonment rate has been recorded in 2020. Through email marketing strategy, you can re-engage your customers in purchasing from what they left off. Generating personalized digital ads and proper use of social media can also work in your favor.

digital transformation allows personalized shopping experience5.Implement Proper SEO Strategy to Rank HigherSEO forms the foundation of your visibility in the digital space. Digital transformation will get the desired result only with an enhanced SEO as organic searches contribute to more traffic than any other tactic. With numerous businesses attempting to develop their niche in eCommerce, your success depends on how well your eCommerce website ranks in various search engines. This ranking is crucial as the customers are more likely to visit websites that rank higher. While looking at different marketing strategies, SEO can boast about contributing to the highest Return On Investment or ROI. Moreover, SEO can increase online traffic and with the right content, you can provide a sense of assurance to the customers making your products their first choice. Your position in the search engine ranking influences the click-through-rate (CTRs), increasing the possibility of an unparalleled boost in sales. Apart from conversion rates, implementing proper SEO strategy will enhance your brand reputation. Here is short cheat list for you to tick off all your SEO requirements:

  • Relevant Keywords
  • Meta Title
  • Description Tags

SEO boosts online traffic6. Enhance Data Management Techniques You cannot underestimate the importance of managing your data in boosting your sales and improving business operations. Managing large amounts of data can be overwhelming, while it is the biggest advantage that digital transformation provides. The tedious task of tracking and analyzing all the information is made simpler by going digital. You will get a better understanding of your business operations so that you can concentrate on the pitfalls and redeem them. Through Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, data and analytics can be easily processed. Moreover, with effective implementation of AI, you can even predict the outcome by keeping track of customer’s shopping behavior. The accurate analysis of data also allows you to make changes accordingly before anything goes wrong.   digital transformation improves data managementWith effective data management, the decision-making process can be executed more efficiently by getting a clear picture of your eCommerce sales. You can optimize your strategies better than your traditional data management methods. You can also integrate structured and unstructured data coming from different sources that would give you a bird’s eye view of your business operations.7. Implement Proper eCommerce Integration Solution As the business advances with changing times, you need to have a seamless communication between front-end and back-end operations. This is where integration solutions become handy. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system accelerate transformation, becoming key factors for an upsurge in conversion rates. Embedding integration solutions in digital strategy ensure better coordination among different departments of your eCommerce business. This will, in turn, reduce the time and effort spent on managing operations, letting you concentrate more on other important aspects. Moreover, automating and integrating your work will enhance the foundation of connectivity with different parties involved including customers, distributors, and trading partners. A centralized information platform is an outcome of implementing integration solutions, especially the ERP system. They will also speed up the sales procedure by saving time on taking sales quotes and generating a quick distribution process, a benefit that will drive more customers to your eCommerce website. ERP and CRM will also do away with swivel-chair data entry resulting in fully automated procedures, further ensuring data accuracy. 8. Optimize Digital Technology to Gain Customer Attention Digital transformation opens up a wide market with intriguing technologies. Adopting and leveraging the best digital technology will help you move a step ahead of your competitors. Through these tested and effective digital technologies, not only can you attract more customers, but also you can create a space where communication with your clients and customers can be more engaging.The number of digital buyers is expected to shoot up to 2.1 billion by 2021. Hence, moving to eCommerce is the only viable option to survive, and the right use of digital technology will add fuel to your growth. By leveraging the digital technology you can improve the functionalities of your eCommerce website, providing unmatched user experience.Implementing various tools like social media management tools, time tracking tools, and project management tools will allow you to assess the performance of your team. This indirectly enhances their productivity. With these tools, you can identify any shortcomings and correct them technology improves performanceSo, waste no more time in grappling with your indecision as digital transformation brings with it a paradigm shift that ensures success.Final ThoughtsThe scalability of your business demands innovation and change. The required change is right in front of you. Digital transformation is not just any other buzzword, it is a reality that seeks your action. With the perfect features and flawless design, DCKAP will help you build an appealing online storefront that no customers can turn a blind eye to. Having all the ingredients to ensure success, eCommerce can open more doors for your business to grow, both in terms of reputation and revenue. 

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