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4 Adobe Commerce Cloud Features That Elevate B2B Customer Experience

By |August 30, 2021 November 15th, 2022No Comments

Do you know that the customer experience management market is all set to witness $14.5 billion in revenue by 2025?

B2C businesses have always prioritized customer experience and have reaped the benefits as well. This was not the case with B2B eCommerce until a few years back. With COVID altering the B2B business models and plans, around 86% of B2B ventures have started optimizing the eCommerce website to deliver a perfect customer experience.

If you haven’t strategized on the ultimate customer experience, spare no more time and go for it now.

For starters, you need the perfect eCommerce platform to serve your customers’ needs. And Adobe Commerce Cloud is definitely the perfect fit for your business.

Read on to know why.

Adobe Commerce Cloud for enhanced customer experience

Here’s How Adobe Commerce Cloud Improves B2B Customer Experience 

Improved Product Recommendation

Being a powerful marketing tool, the Product Recommendation capabilities of Adobe Commerce Cloud increase conversions and revenue. In a way, product recommendations also stimulate customer engagement. Powered by Adobe Sensei, the feature uses machine-learning algorithms and artificial intelligence to generate a deep analysis of visitor data.The visitor data is then analyzed according to your catalog. This precise assessment will help in generating personalized and relevant shopping experiences that are highly engaging. Through the Admin Panel, you can directly create, manage, and execute product recommendation strategies.This feature allows you to choose any intelligent recommendation type out of the nine categories. You can choose any on different bases such as item-based, popularity-based, shopper-based, and similarity-based. Behavioral data is put to optimum use to generate personalized recommendations. You can also measure the result of these recommendations through relevant metrics.Along with product recommendations, you can also go for content personalization with Adobe Commerce Cloud. With it, provide relevant content to the right target audience at the right time. Leverage its automated behavioral targeting and easy-to-test campaigns for more visibility and customer retention.

AI-Powered Live Search

Improving search capabilities can go a long way in gaining a competitive advantage. With the latest update in Adobe Commerce Cloud, you can now incorporate AI-Powered Site Search to your eCommerce website. With the help of AI and Machine Learning, Live Search provides you with ‘searchandizing’ capabilities whereby you can accordingly build search results to bring in more conversions and sales.Considering the AI-powered analytics, your customers will carry out personalized product searches that are efficient and faster than before. Its search-as-you-type feature enhances the B2B customer experience. Following the same method of Product Recommendations, Live Search also depends on product catalog metadata. So, if you have already enabled Product Recommendations, it will be easier for you to enable Live Search as well.With Live Search, also attain precise reports on your customers’ search queries. Align your strategies based on these reports. These back-end reportings of search queries will also help you in updating the algorithm to improve product recommendations.

Integration of Adobe Sign

Digital signatures might have been a factor in creating frictions in online purchases. But not anymore. Adobe Commerce Cloud now integrates Adobe Sign, making it easy for your customers to sign contracts or deals without any effort.Adobe Sign facilitates easy signatures in documents like purchase agreements, terms and conditions, event waivers, warranty or service agreements, and many more with the effortless e-signing in the checkout process. Enable the Adobe Sign feature in the Adobe Commerce admin panel.

Next Level Customer Service

Adobe Commerce gives access to power-packed backend tools for your customer service representatives. Using these tools, your team can provide all the relevant information in a snap to your customers when they come up with any queries.Some of the benefits are:

  • Shipping address modification: In case you need to modify the shipping address and provided that the order is not fulfilled, your team can easily change the shipping address. Customers can now receive their orders at the new address without re-ordering the item or canceling it.
  • Adobe Commerce Order Management System (OMS): This tool provides instant access to order details, cancellation details, and order status. Your team can make the changes in customer orders, modify, or cancel them quickly as per your customer demands. 
  • Efficient extensibility: Through various APIs, Adobe Commerce Cloud delivers extensibility with different OMS tools. If you choose another Order Management System, you can seamlessly integrate it with Adobe Commerce Cloud without any exhaustive process.
  • Smooth issue of refunds and appeasements: As the Admin, you can grant permissions for your team or your customer service reps to issue returns, refunds, or any other appeasements. You can also set up automated refunds for better convenience.   

Adobe Commerce Cloud eases customer serviceBeing a platform that delivers the best eCommerce experience for B2B businesses, Adobe Commerce Cloud lets you adapt easily to the changing dynamics of B2B customer experience.

Your One-Stop Solution For Adobe Commerce Cloud Is Here

Has any eCommerce glitch stopped you from delivering a flawless shopping experience?With the changing times and swelling competitions, the last thing you need is customer churn. And we are here to help you expand your customer base and revenue with our eCommerce services and solutions.Our expert Adobe Commerce team will help you build and optimize your eCommerce website to align with the changing B2B customer expectations. In addition to building online storefronts, DCKAP comes with services ranging from platform migration, website redesign to maintenance and support, all to help you with a smooth digital commerce experience.Our 15+ years in eCommerce have led to several B2B businesses achieving digital transformation for their online growth. And you can be the next.

Feel free to get in touch with us for your eCommerce needs. We are here to help you out.

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