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Adobe Flex Refurbished with Appealing Aspects

December 3, 2012 |
Web Development

FlexAdobe Flex has been one of the leading Rich Internet Application development platforms and their latest version has been released with much expectation from the developers’ community. This version has been expected to be more efficient and problem solving than the already existed versions of Flex.

Flex developers in the past few years have been having a few issues with the versions, but the latest version of Flex has been touted to be almost flawless, at least comparatively. Flex projects can be built using the Flash Builder 4 which is an Integrated Development Environment which consists of a source code editor, build automation tools and a debugger. The new functions have made Flex programmers to contemplate more on the scope of the technology and the developments that could be made using it.

With the already rapidly popular Android accepting native Flex applications to be compatible with it, every other Flex developer has got back hope for the Flex platform and in developing applications on it. The mobile platform is the most rapidly growing industry for which applications in scales of millions are being developed all over the world, once this market is conquered by the Flex developers then the demand for Flex development will also be on the rise.

Flex has always been a development kit which saves time and money for the developers, thus the advantages which can appeal to developers and programmers are already present. But due to issues of compatibility and performance Flex applications were not regarded to be very efficient but with the developments not just from Adobe but also from the Apache Software Foundation, this technology is believed to become more efficient and appealing. The process of development and design can be done within matter of hours if the Flex programmer is well versed with the aspects of Flex.

With all these advantages it is hard to believe that this technology might just fade away. Experts have not given up on Flex yet but if applications continue to get disregarded due to compatibility issues then the future of Flex does not seem bright. But with the new developments from Flex and its developers there definitely seems to be bright future.


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