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Adobe’s New Updates and News from Flash Developers

By |June 26, 2012 August 26th, 2022No Comments

Adobe Flash Player Adobe and its team of Flash developers have announced the arrival of fresh updates for Flash Player for Windows, MAC, Linux, Android 3.x and 4.x and within its own AIR runtime. The Flash developers have announced that this update has rectified various critical risks such as memory corruption which leads to inconsistencies, stack data overflows, integer redundancies, trespass of security, null dereferencing and binary planting (DLL hijacking). Everything apart from security bypass could lead to code execution.

These new updates by the Flash programmers also have security enhancements on numerous other platforms. The Flash Player for Windows offers a production version of “Flash Player Protected Mode for Firefox“. This version brings a sandbox to the currently running Flash which makes it difficult for the attackers and bots to bombard the other process.

Changed Update Feature

The updating feature in Mac has been turned into a silent background process which will not disturb the Flash programmers working in the front end. Every hour when the platform is online a daemon is launched in order to check for updates from the server. This has been programmed by the Flash developers in such a way that until it gets a response from the Adobe server the 1 hour routine is followed, once a response is obtained the daemon waits for 24 hours till the next check.

The Flash player versions in Mac and Windows have to be updated to version 11.3.300.257 announced the Flash programmers’ team and similarly for Linux version number The Flash Developers also intimated the users that if the updates are not done on the operating systems, the systems can be vulnerable to attack.

Apple’s Shock to Flash Programmers

The Adobe Flash Platform was shocked when Apple decided earlier that none of the iOS devices will support Flash. Albeit Android and its devices are supporting Flash content currently the performance of such applications have been below average even after the Flash developers tried to tweak the applications to be supported in an efficient way by Android.

Many Flash programmers are using their own Flash to build their advertisements. A smaller faction of developers builds entire Adobe Flash-powered websites which enables the sites to look uniform in all platforms but for this the Adobe plug-in has to be installed. The time taken for these Flash websites to load is slightly longer than normal websites but they look very attractive. The time taken to develop these sites is also a bit more to start from the scratch. Fortunately, Flash programmers can reduce the development time by quite a bit if you look for Adobe Flash website templates. These types of web templates have a few compensations over usual models.

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