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All About Drupal

February 12, 2010 |

Drupal – What is it?

It is an open – source content management system (CMS). It is an environment that allows you to develop powerful websites quickly and easily.

Drupal. Why use it?

Because it’s free. You can use it to manage your website content by storing and editing your content and data displaying website pages easily and instantly edit your websites appearance using Themes (templates). Drupal allows you to easily add features to your website such as Image galleries, Blogs, Forums, Calendars, Video streaming, Podcasts and many more features. Drupal has a large online community which support each other and develop Drupal add – on modules to give extra functionality to the system. Begin now with Drupal at

Drupal. How it works

There is a database in which all content such as articles, information, user details etc. are stored. One can access and manage the database via a database server. Themes are used to handle the design and layout of a Drupal site. Graphics and text are used to style these template files. By using themes you can change the appearance of your website without modifying any of your content. PHP programming language is used for Drupal. Because it is open source, PHP is free to use.

There are 3 things required to work; a server environment, such as Apache, A PHP Server and a mySQL database server. You can download all of these in a complete package to use while developing websites on your PC. Windows users can check out Xampp, while Linux users can use Lamp. You can install Drupal and start making websites when once you have your development environment set up

How to install and setup Drupal

For this information please visit our site at: Drupal Installation Video

How Drupal Themes work

Your content is styled and displayed by Drupal using themes. Theme template files and theme functions make up a theme. You can see your theme template file through an html and css styled template file. So your site design and content are separate. This means that you keep your content intact while changing the visual display easily.

How to change the theme in Drupal

There are two themes that can be applied to your website in Drupal; the default Theme and administration Theme. The administration theme is applied when the administrator is logged in and he is viewing pages under the Administer menu item. For all other cases the default theme is applied to the website. To change the default theme, navigate to Administer, Site Building, and Themes. Scroll down to select the theme you want and enable it by checking the checkbox. Activate it by selecting the radio button (column labeled as default). Scroll down and click Save configuration. To change the administration theme, navigate to Administer, Site Configuration, and Administration theme. Select the name of the theme you want to use as the administration theme. Click Save configuration.


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