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Analytical Tools for Shopify and Magento

Rohan Kulkarni
August 18, 2021 |


If analytics plays a critical role to find answers and make definite productive decisions for your business, then selecting the right tool is a very important step towards growing your business and its revenue. 

What other analytical tools provide

Tools like Tableau and powerBI are quite inexpensive but need an expert with experience which adds to the expense whereas tools like vizB are designed to be user-friendly and focus on analytics that helps you make data-driven decisions. 

SavvyCube is an eCommerce analytics plugin for Magento and Shopify stores. It enables tracking of buyers, loyal customers, and biggest client refund offenders and generally focuses on product, customer, and sales analytics with additional features such as customizable email reports abandoned cart analytics and basic sales forecasting. 

Analytical tools such as SavvyCube, help visualize your data and infer information based on descriptive analytics however, solutions and features provided vary throughout the various tools available. 

Why should you use vizB

vizB is a business intelligence tool, that empowers its users with statistical machine learning and state-of-the-art AI technologies to make data-driven decisions. vizB integrates your store data and provides a faster platform for you to visualize information and get access to not only descriptive-analytical information but also predictive and prescriptive forecasting analytics. With vizB, you are bound to make better decisions and learn more about your store from the many actionable insights provided by vizB. 

vizB focuses on generating deeper insights for your store with features like customer behavior analysis, demand forecasting, and many more. vizB also supports and integrates with channels like Slack while providing at a glance reports via email to keep you and your team updated on your store performance. 

Additionally, vizB provides features like “Ask Vizb” a question query-based assistant; best-discounted price suggestion to know at what price your products will sell the most, and a range of visual maps to learn and infer more from your data.


Analytics on your raw data can produce insights and answer questions like: “what products are my customers interested the most in?”, “What sales can be expected for the next month?”. Analytics helps take better decisions and with vizB, you can make your organization more data-driven.

Rohan Kulkarni

My passion to automate and build solutions on AI's ability to absorb/ interpret information dictates my work as an AI engineer. I enjoy building and experimenting with classical machine learning algorithms and deep learning models. I like reading on new tech while for fun I play CSGO and hunt for stories/ patterns in my surroundings.

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