The options which are pondered upon by users while purchasing a mobile device has become more regarding the operating systems and specifications than other aspects which were considered a couple of years back.

With such preferences being predominantly seen in the users these days the Android platform has become one of the most sought after Operating Systems utilized by the mobile device. The Android App Developers are gaining more and more demand for the applications developed by them as the number of using the platform is rising rapidly. More and more mobile device manufacturers are developing their products according to the viabilities of the Android platform as the demand in the market is such.

This gives scope for more and more Android app programmers to start developing individual applications which they find of interest. Each and every Android app developer is looking to incorporate an innovative idea into the application that is being developed so that the appealing aspect of the project increases enabling more and more users to get glued to it. There are many applications, available in the Google Play market, which execute similar tasks from one another but have they must have their unique selling point in such a way that it can attract users.

Unless such an innovative aspect is present in the application there is not much of a chance for the Android app programmer to market the product successfully. And once an application gets a negative feedback from majority of the users, it starts deteriorating in popularity. For developers to develop a project with a potential to become a success, they need to understand the key factors of their design and idea which might appeal to the users instantaneously.


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