androidThe sudden increase of the demand for the Android application development can be attributed towards the advanced multitasking capabilities available. This is a revolutionary aspect of the Android platform which has made many other platforms to follow.

This advanced aspect has made the Android app developers to be on their toes while developing an application. They should have an acute understanding of the platform and the application they are trying to build. There are various advantages of having the multitasking facility in a phone.

But developing an application according multitasking can be a bit tricky for an Android developer as certain settings might get affected by this special feature. Settings in a mobile device cannot be changed according to the need of applications thus application development has to be done with optimal settings.

The restrictions a mobile device has for the user is various. This could be because of the display’s size or the available limited actions and navigation for the user. The application being built has to be developed with these limitations in mind. There are certain important features required by the user but still are not available in both mobile devices as well as desktops.

When a user handles a mobile device, it becomes very frustrating if an application has to be closed and re-opened every time one toggles from one application to another. Closing and opening an application might take only a few seconds but with the growing efficiency of devices the need for exiting an application has reduced drastically. The devices are capable of running almost ten large applications simultaneously.

These are the various hurdles caused due to the mismatched coordination between an application and a mobile device. Every Android app programmer is concentrating more to close this gap and make efficient applications.


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