iPhoneOne of the recent speculations about iPhone 5 has shocked iPhone fans from all over the world. According to this speculation the YouTube application, which has been one of the most used applications in the iPhone device will not be included with the next version.

The YouTube application which has been one amongst the most favorite applications in the iOS platform has been a part of the iPhone device since 2007. The next iOS version has been provided to developers as of now and the YouTube application has not been included as a default application like it used to be in the older versions.

Google also responded to this to the media informing that they are working with Apple in order to come up with an application which will satisfy all the needs of the users in a much optimized way. Apple is expected to include the application in the iTunes store as an individual application. iPhone app developers see this as an opportunity to develop applications that can be an alternate application for YouTube.

Though the YouTube application is indispensible the removal has come off as a shock to users and iPhone app programmers. The revolution the YouTube application made was humongous as watching videos seamlessly on the iPhone was a spectacular experience.

Presently there are only two devices from Apple which support the YouTube application and they are iPad and iPhone as Apple TV has already started inviting other iPhone developers to come up with new applications for streaming videos.


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