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Aspects of Zend Framework Turning it Popular

November 2, 2012
Web Development

PHPDeveloping PHP tasks has always been tedious and repetitive as PHP is a little old fashioned. And as a result of this other frameworks have gained popularity immensely in the past few years. And one such framework is Zend.

Zend Technologies is the company which developed Zend Framework. This company also founded the PHP 3 and wrote the core of PHP 4 which is Zend Engine. Development, Deployment and Management of PHP has been their primary goal and they have been developing frameworks, Zend framework developers are generally strong in their field and they also expect the technology to thrive better in the future for a long time with the support of strong corporate interventions.

Since its release the framework has been well developed and accepted by every developer who has turned into a Zend framework developer. The community supporting the technology interacts with Zend framework programmers from all over the world and provides them with important updates and other features that have been underutilized.

The framework is completely object oriented and every component available in it inclined toward it completely. This is mainly because of the fact that the project is based entirely on PHP 5. This is a very new aspect to a framework as other technologies were built on previous versions of the PHP technology.

Another aspect which makes Zend Framework developers work better is that, the components of Zend Framework are loosely coupled. This means that the components can be separated easily. These loosely couple components can be used as pleased and they don’t have to be forced into a module just because another component attached to it is required.

These are some of the advantages of Zend Framework which makes developers to prefer this platform over other PHP technologies.