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Benefits of Integrating Oracle ERP with Magento

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Magento services provide feature rich, scalable and a customizable e-commerce solutions which make it an easy option for anyone to setup their online business.

In this competitive economy, organizations rely on specialized software and systems for every specific need. The market, which is also responsive to such needs, provides a wide range of solutions which caters to specific requirements of every business unit in an organization. But the real problem occurs when these different units collaborate to achieve the vision and mission of the company. That’s where the conflicts arise between the different systems in the company. Let’s look at one of the major conflicts that many companies in the e-commerce space are facing, which is the integration between Oracle and Magento.


Oracle is one of the global leaders in Databases, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions. Oracle’s ERP has a proven track record for their effectiveness in automating the various business units in an organization which includes Procurement, Supply Chain, Financial Management, Sales and Human Resources.. etc.


Magento, which is currently owned by e-Bay inc., is an open source e-commerce platform which enables individuals or companies to own and operate their own e-commerce business. Magento provides a feature rich, scalable and a customizable e-commerce solution which makes it an easy option for anyone to setup their online business.

Oracle Magento Integration

The Integration

When companies try to expand their business into e-commerce space they are probably looking for a flexible solution similar to Magento, but majority of their current business activities are happening without any turbulence in an ERP like Oracle.

Though an organization can roll out their online business in Magento, majority of their day to day activities like procurement, invoicing, supply chain and inventory management happens through Oracle. To make sure the e-commerce division is plugged in smoothly, organizations require a solid integration between Magento and Oracle.

The benefits that come out this integration is massive,

  1. A collaborative environment across the different departments of the organization, which will build a strong business ecosystem.
  2. The e-commerce division will be integrated across the different business units of a company.
  3. Organizations which are operating in traditional ERP systems just need to make this integration without disturbing their existing setup.
  4.  The online business unit can monitor on the inventory levels, the purchased materials and track their supply chain systems.
  5. In the same way the other units like the finance and accounts can keep tabs on the e-commerce division with respect to their revenue and expenditure.
  6. The data that will be available as a result of this integration is a gold mine for analytics which might provide some path breaking insights.

DCKAP is a proven leader in integrating Enterprise Magento platform across different ERP solutions. You can reach us at (or) 1-877-872-3252 (US) (or) +44(0) 144 250 6383(UK)


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