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What does BigCommerce do? Success Strategies behind BigCommerce for B2B

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Before we delve into BigCommerce eCommerce- here are some facts we wish to shed light upon! As per a top eCommerce source, the consumer behavior by eCommerce users is something all brands must pay attention to. It is estimated that the global eCommerce market is growing at a great rate.

The United States stands in the top ten markets globally and has a valuation of $340 billion, it is behind China which is estimated to have a value of $672 billion. Spain, on the other hand has plenty of travel-related eCommerce taking place putting it at a valuation of $67 billion while South Korea is leading in beauty and fashion products. These numbers show quite a potential when it comes to targeted marketing and growth in these industries.

What we mean to say is that eCommerce is here to stay and even dominates a lot of shopping trends globally. It is no more just about the basic online presence. Brands have to choose the best possible option so that their sales and growth are well aligned with their consumer behavior. We have gone way beyond a single website.

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You need to set up a platform that supports traditional search engines such as Google but also is well aligned with different marketplaces. So, while looking for the best choice to set up your eCommerce website, we feel the following article can help you make a decision. Let’s dive into why BigCommerce is the ideal option and why does it support the best of business ventures through the following blog:

BigCommerce: The Ideal Solution for eCommerce

BigCommerce is almost a synonym to SaaS eCommerce platforms. It empowers over 148,582 websites and has 53,646 live websites currently. BigCommerce eCommerce has managed to rope in some of the top names in the world including Hush Puppies, Fujitsu, Toyota, Cetaphil, Kohler amongst others. BigCommerce enhanced eCommerce can provide both- sellers and consumers with a feature-rich experience. You can leverage multi-channel selling, abandoned cart saver, the power of headless commerce, and much more. Here is some more trivia for you on this leading platform- which goes to show why it is trusted by renowned brands across the globe.

First off, you should know that it’s a SaaS platform which essentially means Software as a service. It is a model of software licensing, in which the software is licensed through a subscription basis and is also hosted from a central level. You must have heard of this term often being used as a web-based/ web-hosted software. Additionally, BigCommerce supports Headless Commerce and also uses the Stencil framework. 

What has made BigCommerce successful – The inception

BigCommerce was founded by Mitchell Harper and Eddie Machaalani in 2009. Today, the company has offices in Austin, Sydney, and San Francisco. With its robust networking and glitch-free support system, thousands of retailers across the globe can enjoy the benefits of SaaS.The reason why their portfolio is so amazing is because of the following features: 

  • Comes with built-in SEO
  • High on the uptime: 99.99%
  • Convenient POS solutions
  • An intuitive and easy dashboard
  • A host of marketing and conversion tools
  • Customizable pre-built site templates

We would elaborate on the aforementioned features as we delve into what makes BigCommerce such a successful eCommerce platform, but the above perspective aims at encapsulating BigCommerce eCommerce

Functionalities for B2B

While we are all aware of how technically robust BigCommerce eCommerce is when it comes to B2B businesses, let’s take a little look at why it can be the ideal support for your existing business functionality: 1) Reaching new consumers2) Ensure better management of suppliers and customers. 3) Better data analytics, for better consumer management4) Sell better to existing customers. On the business side, you can further use BigCommerce B2B eCommerce for the following reasons: 

  1. Educate your customers on features, promotions, and products with the help of rich multi-channel selling features. 
  2. With intuitive themes and easily navigable websites, you can convert more sellers from offline to online. 
  3. With better eCommerce management, you can easily look at branching out with customer segmentation and use the support of social channels, SEO for a better strategy. 
  4. Align your sales teams and marketing teams with robust backend support — so roles are defined, smooth and your business can scale. 
  5. With hassle-free payment gateways and to-the-point product descriptions, you can transition from selection to sale quite fast.

With BigCommerce google analytics eCommerce tracking, you can even go onto map your consumer base better and reach them better. Here is how we helped one of our top clients attain thesupport and growth they need with BigCommerce.

Also, did you know about the special B2B edition of BigCommerce? It’s all your business needs. Check it out here. 

Why use a SaaS platform for B2B?

Some of the top reasons why a SaaS platform like BigCommerce makes the most sense for your B2B venture is as follows: 

1) You can deliver strategic benefit

In the earlier days, early B2B eCommerce sites were seen as an alternate way to go around existing consumers. But, modern B2B eCommerce offers a strategic approach to customer service, increased revenue, and much better performance. One of the reasons why you should opt for a SaaS platform is because the updates get delivered through the crowd to ensure tech and innovative updates which can help you upscale your business. 

2) Integrate better

When it comes to enterprise planning, top integrations of product management systems, sales and synced processes can help you. You can go on to automate your activities and have a very convenient catalog. With a SaaS platform like BigCommerce eCommerce, it can also offer an application programming interface, so that you have the potential for tailored requirements.

3) Better maintenance and security

The best part about a SaaS platform is easy maintenance. Your provider will be able to deliver upgrades and updates to the cloud and still have enough resilience to ensure that the capacity issues do not have issues with the availability of the site. Online security along with PCI compliance is another advantage of using BigCommerce eCommerce.Your B2B buyer expects an experience with easy purchasing, real-time information, and different tracking options. Linking your SaaS solution with different information from the logistics process can help your clientele grow. With all of the aforementioned benefits, you should consider a SaaS platform for the implementation of your online business. 

Why does your business need to align its success strategy with BigCommerce? 

Our BigCommerce experts have delivered many enterprise solutions for our B2B clients. Our clients have always benefited from the 99.99% upkeep time, headless commerce features, the trademark stencil framework, and much more. Contact our experts to help your business align its success strategy with BigCommerce. 

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