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Build amazing online BigCommerce storefronts with the Right Development Agency

Snigdha C
December 11, 2020 |
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So, you picked a platform. You’ve decided to go with BigCommerce, committed to get your online BigCommerce storefront up and running. You are working towards expanding your consumer base and you wish to get a website together. But, when you end up going for a quick fix, you will get visibility but not the traction you wish for. So, if you wish for a long term bigcommerce store development that is scaling with your growing business, then getting an agency on board is great. Here is how an efficient agency can help you build an amazing online storefront:

Building BigCommerce storefront

Here is how an eCommerce agency can help you build the right storefront:

  • Give a polished look to your store

    There are a lot of extensions on BigCommerce stores. What is important is that you use the right integrations and right support systems for your online store. For instance, using the page builder to its complete efficiency is one thing that only a professional can do. In today’s day and age; it is as much about the website as the product.

    achieve operational excellence with cloud ERP

    For people who wish to have a substantial online business, focussing on the quality from the word go is crucial. You need to build an online store that does not only look professional but also attracts the target consumer and has the perfect CTAs placed in order to get conversions on visits. Basic pointers like a mobile responsive design, robust cart option, to the point CTAs so that bounce rate is less can be ensured by professionals. So, we definitely recommend going to a development agency that can help you out with the same.

  • Helps choose the right payment gateway for a smooth process

    For any eCommerce setup, having the readiness to accept payments is of course a requisite. While this is obvious, it is also essential when it comes to running a business. Payments gateways choose how you collect money from a customer and your eCommerce agency would surely be able to recommend the best gateways that work well with the system.As of this very moment, BigCommerce supports more than 60 payment gateways. It also has amazing wallet options such as PayPal One Touch and Apple Pay. So, before you go for a payment gateway, some of the questions that your agency will help you put a finger on entail:eCommerce-Avalara-blog

  • The setup fees
  • Monthly transaction fees
  • Penalty fees and what would cause them
  • A minimum balance requirement
  • Transfer delays and what causes that
  • Need help or support
  • Keep a hold of the analytics

    You basically need both- benchmarks and data in order to keep growing your business. Your store analytics and the following criteria can really help:

    B2B eCommerce platform

  • Conversion rate
  • The most popular products in the inventory
  • Unique visitors intermittently
  • The average revenue made by each consumerThere are many other platform options such as the in-store site search which can provide you with insights into what the customers really need. It is definitely safe to say that irrespective of the platform you are currently hosted on, you should make use of the helpful Google Analytics for your particular business.
  • Help you with additional support such as domain name and taxations

    The right agency has a huge list of partners that provide the support they need. Right from helping you buy the domain name to going the distance with suggesting the right taxation process and other things to you, it is extremely helpful to have the right agency with proper partners in place. This will also help ensure the powerful launch that you have always wanted. 

Checklist to pick the right development agency:

To make things easier, we have curated a checklist for you to pick the right development agency for your BigCommerce online storefront. Here are some of the pointers you should consider: 

  1. Ensure that they understand your business goals almost as well as you. 
  2. Promising you everything? Tread carefully. Try going for an agency that has a portfolio to back up their promises. 
  3. Look at what their total cost of ownership entails. Ensure that you go for a set budget with little wiggle room for negotiation.Testing-Checklist-Prior-To-Launching-a-Shopify-Website
  4. Definitely check out their record. Try going for a proactive agency that has a team of experts analyzing, picking, and solving problems by themselves. 
  5. Oh, this is a real hidden trick. But, the blogs section and the case studies section of an agency would actually help you understand their projects in great detail. 
  6. Don’t just look for an eCommerce agency, look for an option that will act as a partner. 
  7. Lastly, ensure that you get a heads up on the team and their expertise. After all, your store is only as good as the team that builds it.As an agency that understands eCommerce pretty much to the tee and keeps up with all the innovative trends and business requirements, we pretty much have you covered on all of the aforementioned fronts. So, if you are looking at a BigCommerce partner agency to help you create the online storefront you’ve always been envisioning. You can get in touch with us here.
Snigdha C

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