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Bite-Sized Marketing Insights for Busy Distributors – Part 1

Tamizh Selvan
September 4, 2019 |

The business enterprise has two – and only two – basic functions: marketing and innovation. 

Marketing and innovation produce results; all the rest are costs. 

– Peter Drucker – Father of Modern Management

This 2-part blog provides bite-sized insights on online marketing for busy distributors. These learnings were originally presented in Industrial Distribution Summit 2019.

Quick insights on Marketing for Distributors

Integrate Online and Offline

A study done by Smart Insights last year found that only six percent of companies thought their online and offline marketing strategies were effectively integrated.

Buyer Personas and Touchpoints

  • Know your buyer personas
  • Know your buyer’s journey (both online and offline)
  • Know the moments of truth
  • Know the touchpoints
  • Maintain brand consistency at all touchpoints

(Read more about Buyer Personas and TouchPoints here)

Benefits of online-offline integration

  • Online Marketing makes your offline events more visible
  • Together, they build stronger relationships with your customers
  • Online Marketing + Offline Marketing = an Omnichannel Approach
  • It’s all about engaging your target audience

Key Drivers of Online Marketing

  • Website
  • SEO
  • Content
  • Email Marketing
  • Landing Pages
  • Google Analytics


Think like an eCommerce company

  • Distributors should continue to aim to grow their online presence
  • Be customer-driven
  • Track your customer’s activity
  • Sell items online that are driven solely by customer’s needs
  • Go through your transactions and find out a way to capitalize on sales that customers want to conduct online
  • Have a good website, a good ERP, a good PIM, a middleware to connect multiple systems, a flexible pricing system, a competent IT staff or a vendor

Must have content on the website

Content - Web Usability

Content lacking in B2B website

B2B - Content Lacking




The Art of SEO

Two powerful lessons for achieving top rankings in Google and staying there

  • If you want to stay on top of Google, never rely on one tactic
  • Always ensure your search engine strategies rely on SEO best practices

Three pillars of SEO

  • Trust  – High-quality content, backlinks from reputable sources
  • Authority  – Site’s overall strength in the market
  • Relevance  – Having relevant content and use the on-page SEO tactics

Strongest factors contributing to high search rankings

  • Word count
  • Relevant keywords on the page
  • User signals (Click-through-rate, time-on-site, bounce rate)
  • Domain SEO visibility (how strong the domain is in terms of links and authority)
  • Site speed
  • Referring domains (No. of sites linking to your site)
  • Keywords in internal links
  • Content readability
  • Number of images

Note:Plan your SEO before the website launch


  • site: (the links that are indexed in Google in Search Engine)
  •   (the test the health of your website – Free for 500 URLs)


The content cycle

Content CycleContent is king

Content Marketing Cycle

Help buyers make an informed purchase

  • Blogs
  • Product videos
  • eBooks
  • Whitepapers
  • High-quality product images
  • Comprehensive, professional product descriptions
  • Product listings not limited to the below items
    • CAD files
    • User guides
    • Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
    • Spec sheets
    • Comparison charts
    • Safety information and more


Email Marketing, Landing Pages, and Google Analytics are integral parts of online marketing. Next week, we will have more bite-sized learnings on the same. Stay tuned.



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Tamizh Selvan

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