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Bite-Sized Marketing Insights for Busy Distributors – Part 2

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Even if you are in small business and can’t afford to do costly studies, you do have the ability to run different kinds of tests in your app or on your website and see what works best.

– Roger Dooley, Author of Brainfluence: 100 ways to persuade and convince consumers with Neuromarketing

This 2-part blog provides bite-sized insights on online marketing for busy distributors. These learnings were originally presented in Industrial Distribution Summit 2019. This is Part 2 of the blog. Click here for Part 1 of the blog.

Email Marketing

Why segmentation matters?

  • Your buyers are all not the same.
  • Your contacts are in different points in the sales cycle
  • Your email reputation will improve
  • Sales will be better

Ways to segment

  • Industry
  • Job Role
  • Decision maker
  • Geography
  • Company size (Small, Med, Large)
  • Product Interest

Types of Email Content

  • Awareness

Content that sparks interest and capturing data through forms and surveys to understand the buyer’s interest

  • Consideration

Content that provides business value (may move fast or slow)

  • Decision  

Content that assists the buyer in choosing a product/service

(Segmented, personalized campaigns)

  • Purchase

Content that rewards a purchase

An email that highlights offers or options to connect with business

  • Retention

Content that continuously educates

Email Newsletters – A few recommendations

  • Track buyer personas and pages they visit
  • Create groups and sub-groups based on customer persona profiles
  • Integrate your CRM with the email platform
  • Review the open rates and click rates
  • Ask your sales team to follow up on those emails that have more open/click rates
  • Experiment on timings
  • Have good content and enough engagement links in your emails.


Landing Pages

Why landing page?

Landing pages are important because they limit the number of decisions a visitor can make, allowing you to lead them to the outcome you desire.

Why landing pages are important?

Landing Pages help to…1) Easily generate leads2) Give your offers a place to live3) Collect demographic information about your prospects4) Understand which prospects are more engaged5) Provide fuel for other marketing channels6) Offer insights into the effectiveness of your marketing offers

Landing pages best practices

  • Craft a benefit-focused headline
  • Choose an image that illustrates the offer
  • Write compelling copy that guides your visitor to the desired action
  • Include your lead form above the fold
  • Add a clear and standout call-to-action
  • Give away a relevant offer
  • Only ask what you need
  • Remove all navigation
  • Make your page responsive
  • Optimize for search
  • Remember to use the thank you page


Google Analytics

Three important questions to ask

  1. Is my website growing?

What channels drive the most visitors? Of the people visiting my website, what percentage of them are new visitors? 

  1.   Is my website generating revenue?

What are the goals for my website? What’s the overall goal conversion rate? 

  1.   What are visitors doing on my website?

How long do visitors stay on my website?  How many pages do they view? 

Implement eCommerce Analytics

  • eCommerce conversion rate
  • Number of transactions
  • Revenue
  • Average Order Value
  • Unique purchases
  • Quantity
  • Product SKU
  • Average Price
  • Product revenue

Our Learnings

DCKAP has helped many distributors build their website and increase their online revenue. Based on our experience, below are some of the “Must-Dos” for distributors who are building or planning to build an eCommerce website.

The distributor must ensure the following

  • have comprehensive product names and description
  • avoid alphanumeric names for products
  • have good product images
  • publish blogs regularly
  • avoid duplicate content
  • provide proper meta titles, descriptions (SEO)
  • fix 300s and 400s (error messages due to improper or missing webpages)
  • come up proper segmentation for their email campaigns
  • do A/B testing
  • avoid mass mailing without segmentation
  • correctly configure the Google Analytics
  • avoid integrating more than one Google Analytics –  70-80% websites have this issue
  • set up proper goals in Google Analytics



Ecommerce Analytics – Judah Phillips

Complete B2B Marketing – William Leake

How to win at B2B Email Marketing – Holden-Bache, Adam

SEO 2016 – Susan Merlo


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