Since the past 5 years or so, DCKAP has been a regular at all the major eCommerce exhibits. The main idea is to find the right partners and provide the industry with avant garde eCommerce solutions.

In the wake of recent event cancellations, we understand with 2020’s unsuspected eventuality- COVID-19, a lot of our interaction opportunities have been shelved. We missed significant conferences such as Adobe Summit, Shopify Unite amongst many others. But, as eCommerce providers, we would not want any of our potential clients to miss out on the opportunities of integrating products that help them. So, for people we cannot meet; here is something we are offering. Hence, we have an announcement for you:We are offering the following trial runs starting from March 15,2020 through June 30,2020.

CLORAS: The Virtual Handshake

Being a business automation middleware solution which automates integrations between your eCommerce platform and ERP, CLORAS makes the whole process swift and a lot more secure. Cloras is one of the most easy to use ERP integration platforms.


  • Make processes swifter with advanced Logging
  • Mapping & Modifier for better usability
  • Stay updated with real-time synchronization
  • Never miss anything important with personalized notifications
  • Automated integration without any hassles

What are we offering?

We are offering a free 30 day trial of CLORAS to help you go through ERP integration seamlessly.

FlexiPIM: Import the right product information

FlexiPIM is a robust product information management system for eCommerce enterprises to manage and maintain your product data, from one place and is easily accessible to all.


  • Enhance customer experience
  • Upsell and cross-sell with FlexiPIM
  • Providing exact information to consumers, reducing the return rate
  • Multi-language options making your service global

What are we offering?

When sales slow down, your back end can pick up. Get your product information management in place with our 3 month free trial (Starting March 15,2020-June 30,2020) of FlexiPIM.

Productimize: Feel your product virtually

Experience the power of 3D Product Visualization and product customization with our easy-to-integrate platform.


  • Experience increased Conversions.
  • Make a Customer Precise Product.
  • Deliver Customer Delight
  • Retain better customer loyalty
  • Know the Demand
  • Reduce Abandoned Cart
  • Undergo continuous Innovation.
  • Engage Your Customers

What are we offering?

For our B2C brands, this is a great time to hop onto the customization wagon. We are offering a free 3 month trial (Starting March 15,2020-June 30,2020) to help you experience the magic of ultimate customer delight!

QA Touch: Test management tool your enterprise needs

QA Touch is an intuitive and collaborative Test Management Tool for Modern QA teams practicing Agile or Waterfall methods.


  • Helps you in efficiently handling long testing cycles.
  • Uses the right set of tools and integrations
  • Defines your testing Roadmap and refines your existing testing strategy
  • Analyzes Bugs and comprehensively reports defects
  • Consolidates a dashboard for better perception and perusal

What are we offering?

Typically starting at 30 USD, we are offering our QA Touch Essential Plan for free.  Our QA Touch Essential Plan comes with options for multiple integrations including Jira Cloud, thus offering even more agility and accuracy.

**Terms and Conditions Apply
Our free products(CLORAS, Productimize and FlexiPIM) are available only for a limited duration. We would give our users a free service cancellation notice of 15 days before they are due for their renewal.

DCKAP Store Extensions: Grow your Magento hosted website

At DCKAP, we build highly optimized Magento extensions which are easy to integrate, scalable and more importantly provide better ROI for retailers. Checkout our Magento 1 and Magento 2 extensions FREE of cost until June 30, 2020.

What are we offering?


Our Magento 1 and  Magento 2 Extensions comprise various support options for tax exemption, stocks, analytics, wordpress, coupons amongst others. Use them for free* to give your customers an even more seamless experience.

Here is how we can help you.

Sign-up or Login to DCKAP Store to get free access to our Magento extensions between March 15,2020-June 30,2020.

Check out our product suite for more details. 

* Only one free extension can be purchased per order. The purchase amount will be discounted at the checkout.


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