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Magento’s greatest advantage is its vibrant ecosystem. Extensions marketplace , a part of that ecosystem, adds great value by extending the features and functionalities in Magento. Magento extensions built by DCKAP are born out of real-time experience based on the challenges faced while executing client projects.

When we work on customizing the core code or providing a workaround for a feature/functionality requested by the client – we would always have this nagging thought – wouldn’t it be great if we had an extension for this. Soon we get down to work and build that extension – our extensions are coded out of necessity. Magento is continuously evolving and Magento 2 is gaining momentum. More and more stores are embracing Magento 2. As we worked on Magento 2 projects , we noticed that the Magento 2 community edition does not have the feature to manage customer attributes from the back-end. To solve this problem we are planning to develop an extension to manage customer attributes. With the help of this extension, Magento2 admin will be  able to create an unlimited number of attributes for the customer. It will also help to get more information about the customer.   Magento 2 extension   Let’s say if you want to know about customer middle name, telephone number extension, etc…  you will be  able to create and manage it from Magento admin. We are planning to release this super-useful extension soon. Keep watching this space. Subscribe to our DCKAP STORE newsletters to get up to date information about all our extensions.


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