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Customer Reviews – Integrating Shopify With Yotpo

January 4, 2019 |

Typically when customers research on online businesses, they look for ratings and reviews of the products. Having a good review and rating goes a long way in building the confidence of the customer.

Do Reviews and Rating Matter?

Yes. They matter. Seeking reviews have become a standard part of the buying process. They help to answer common questions which otherwise would come to the merchants as customer support queries.

Consumer Review Survey by BrightLocal

  • 86% of consumers read reviews for local businesses
  • 50% of 18-34-year-olds always read online reviews
  • Just 5% of 18-34s never read reviews

Integrating Shopify with Yotpo

Online reviews have become a significant factor in the customer decision process. With multiples devices, customers have access to the feedback of the products and use them to validate their purchase decisions.

Integrating Shopify with Yotpo

This article discusses the integration between Shopify – a powerful ecommerce platform and Yotpo, a commerce marketing solutions that help to manage/automate customer reviews.

Shopify – Building Business

Shopify lets merchants sell wherever the customers are – online, in-person, and everywhere in-between. It provides stand-out retail experiences. It provides tools to manage products, inventory, and customers.

Shopify provides a single dashboard to manage orders, shipping, and payments. It offers real-time analytics and insights on visitors and business performance. Detailed information on sales, customers, and marketing are available in Shopify in the form of reports.Dream Online Store

Yotpo – Accelerating Growth

Yotpo is a commerce marketing cloud solution for customer reviews, visual marketing, loyalty, and referrals. It helps merchants to get user-generated original contents like Reviews, Ratings, and Q&As to accelerate the business growth. Yotpo integrates seamlessly with multiple platforms.

Yotpo App Installation

Yotpo is available as an individual app in the Shopify app store. It is a simple one-click installation and helps to track the reviews and ratings. The app has a separate merchant dashboard to manage (view, approve, delete) the reviews provided by the customers. It is also easy to migrate existing reviews to newly developed stores. Yotpo allows customers to share the ratings and reviews in social media too. Customers can add images to the review and rating section. At theme level, Yotpo provides scripts to add in theme.liquid. Also, add the reviews section to the product.liquid file, after the product description.

Once integrated, Yotpo brings the ‘Top Rated Products’ in the product detail page.  The products are displayed based on their ratings and reviews. 

Implementing Yotpo in Blue Sky

We integrated Yotpo in Blue Sky, one of the most popular destinations for exclusive, premium, and personalized planners in the US.

Below are a few screenshots of the top rated products and reviews…

The Top Rated Products
Integrating Shopify with Yotpo

Writing Reviews

Integrating Shopify with Yotpo

Customer Reviews

Integrating Shopify with Yotpo

Benefits of Customer Reviews

Reviews matter in multiple stages of the customer journey. A survey by Trustpilot sheds some light on this…

  • 19 percent read reviews before visiting a company’s website
  • 25 percent read reviews right when they get there
  • 47 percent read reviews on the site, just before adding an item to their shopping cart

More Stats

  • 50 percent cited overall rating as the most important factor when reading reviews
  • 20 percent considered the recency of reviews as the most important factor
  • 20 percent viewed the quantity of reviews as the most relevant review signal of all.

Ratings and reviews by customers in the product detail page provides confidence to a hesitant buyer and nudges her to purchase. Customer reviews have real value because they provide unbiased insight about the product and prospective buyers instinctively trust them.

It is high time that online businesses think about integrating customer review apps with their eCommerce platforms.


Pasupathi has 2+ years of experience in Magento. Having worked across various platforms like Shopify, Ruby on Rails, Opencart, AngularJS, and Magento, Pasupathi is passionate about learning new technologies. More interested in ethical hacking and creating Android applications.

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