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DCKAP Conducts Pot Luck Lunch as Employee Engagement Activity

January 25, 2013 |
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DCKAP conducted a Pot Luck Lunch event as a part of its Employee Engagement program on its Indian premises (Anna Nagar & Korattur) on the 25th of January 2013. This was an initiative taken by DCKAP team to spread the word of Sharing and Caring.

Members of all teams in the respective premises came forward to share their lunches with their friends and acquaintances. It is a general tendency of humans to peek-a-boo at their neighbor’s plate. Even though it is considered to be an ill-mannered attribute the bond which is created whilst sharing and having fun around food is intense and stays in the memory. But when it is done in a socially accepted way as it was done during the Pot Luck Lunch event in DCKAP, the fun doubled if not tripled.

As the DCKAP team consists of people from different regions and cultures the food which was displayed also reflected this. The diversity in the different types of homemade cuisines excited and teased everyone who looked at the displayed food which was temptingly garnished. Each and every food which was displayed in the event pulled every employee’s appetite toward it. The dishes which were displayed were explained by the hostess and the employee who cooked the dish was applauded.

The dishes varied from vegetarian to non-vegetarian and the cuisines spanned all through the globe as Georgian Chicken Stew to the undisputed South Indian Curd Rice made their way to the table. Tongues which were tired of monotonous food salivated at the sight sumptuous delicacies. The event not just helped in sharing food between the employees but also showcased the unity which can be attained between the east and the west.


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