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P21 API: DCKAP Integrator custom API to integrate your Prophet 21 ERP

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We are in the business world where eCommerce sites plays a vital role in scaling our business world wide. The main data source for eCommerce sites will be the ERP Systems of the business. Synchronizing data between eCommerce and ERP is complex. That’s where DCKAP Integrator comes into the picture. DCKAP Integrator will sync your data in real-time, and it keeps your business intact through DCKAP Integrator P21 API.

Prophet 21 is one of the popular ERP Systems which helps the distributors to drive process efficiency and productivity.

Epicor provides its own API along with its connector ECC (Epicor eCommerce Connector) at an extra yearly cost yearly along with ERP solution. However, ECC seems to not be an option for many of the Prophet21 customers.

To resolve this, DCKAP Integrator is providing its own API called DCKAP Integrator P21 API which is fully customizable and flexible to help you with integration between your eCommerce and ERP System.

Why DCKAP Integrator P21 API?

Even though Prophet 21 provides its own API, it is better to have your own API that will help you in implementing your business logic while syncing the data between eCommerce and ERP Systems. DCKAP Integrator API is flexible enough to accommodate all your complex business needs

We are going to see various scenarios and how DCKAP Integrator P21 API can be handy in such situations.

Preventing Duplicate Customer Records

Assume that you’ve had an ERP System for years and now you are launching your eCommerce site. The first thing a customer will most probably do is create an account so that they can manage all their orders, with personal info like saved cards, coupons, and so on.

Now, DCKAP Integrator will retrieve the newly created customer details and push all the customer info into Prophet 21. What if the customer is an existing ERP customer? When an existing customer creates signs up, Epicor P21 API creates a duplicate record. On the other hand, DCKAP Integrator P21 API has the ability to identify and existing customer and appends the information to that customer. It does not create a duplicate customer record.


Real-Time syncing of Inventory Details

he inventory has to be synced in real time so that the customer can order once the item is available without any lapse. This is not going to be a cake walk if you have assembled products (made of individual items)y which will be created with the number of individual items.

DCKAP Integrator has separate retrieval logic for assembled products (made of many individual items) and for individual products. The inventory details are synced in dynamically providing real-time inventory details to the customer.

Order Synchronization

The core of the eCommerce site and business is order. Whenever an order is created, DCKAP Integrator will reflect the same into P21.

DCKAP Integrator P21 API will give you the luxury of transferring the order payment regardless of the payment method. In the case of a card, you will have two options.

If the card payment has been processed in the eCommerce site, DCKAP Integrator will simply pass the authorization number and date of payment. On the other side, if P21 handles the payment, DCKAP Integrator API will pass all the card related details. DCKAP Integrator has the capability to handle guest payments too.

Dynamic Pricing Strategy

For driving more customers towards your business, the first thing you will do is provide an effective pricing strategy for your customers, like give them discounts, coupons, and so on. Then, you have to derive different pricing strategies for different customers to retain them for a long time. And also it is important to have the same pricing in the ERP and eCommerce.

DCKAP Integrator P21 dynamically updates the prices in the eCommerce site based on changes on the P21 ERP side. DCKAP Integrator ensures that P21 ERP is the only source of truth.

There are other benefits of using DCKAP Integrator P21 API, like retrieving data based on custom logic, updating only the web enabled products, etc. But that is for a later discussion.

Overall, in a nutshell, DCKAP Integrator P21 API is a fit-for-purpose API for wholesale distributors that drives revenue and growth.

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