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DCKAP Launches iOS Game HomeFLY

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HomeFlyDCKAP’s team of iOS developers have come up with a new game called HomeFLY, which has been successfully approved and is available in the iTunes store now. Two months of well planned work of our team has yielded a successful game which is fast paced and exciting.

This game can be downloaded for FREE from Apple Store.

As a gesture to appreciate the team which has been an integral part of this success and to take the game to a wider audience, a Game Launch Event was held on the 30th of November 2012 at DCKAP’s Anna Nagar premises. During this exciting event all the employees of DCKAP came together to cheer for their colleagues and congratulated them for their efforts.

The event started with the brief introduction of the game. The analyst involved in the game development came forward and described various aspects of the game and the way it was developed. These discussed aspects explained the hard work that had been employed to develop HomeFLY.

This was followed by the Demo of the game which showcased the various levels of the game and explained the game play. Developers involved in developing HomeFLY played the game and showed some amazing tricks which excited the audience. The demo extended as audience was also invited to take part in it. Most  employees came forward to experience the excitement of HomeFLY and they were completely thrilled to play the game on a bigger projected screen.

The demo was completed with high levels of adrenaline rush and the excitement sustained throughout the event. The iOS team responsible for developing the game and presenting it to the world was congratulated by Karthik Chidambaram CEO of DCKAP Inc and appreciation certificates were awarded. This encouraged not just the iOS team but also improved the overall morale of the DCKAP team.

HomeFly Launch Event

For more  Photos of DCKAP iOS Game HomeFLY Launch Click here.

To share your exciting experience check our official HomeFLY page in Facebook and Twitter.


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