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DCKAP RoR: Laying the Rails Worldwide

October 1, 2010

DCKAP has an edge on Ruby on Rails development. Companies and organizations throughout the world are choosing RoR as their preferred platform. This is mainly due to the way it is able to develop applications rapidly. Existing only since 2004, RoR has quickly become popular worldwide. DCKAP’s advantage comes from our conducting developments at a time when not many people were using the Ruby on Rails platform. We have developed with the RoR platform for categories such as E-commerce applications, Web 2.0 applications, Social Community Portals, Bespoke Applications, Blogs & Forums, Content management system.

Rapid Development

Ruby on Rails is intended to be used with an Agile Development methodology that is used by developers for rapid development. DCKAP delivers industry standard web applications by combining Agile Development along with RoR, harnessing both for more power. Here are DCKAP’s most prominent Ruby on Rails based applications.CVGK3GS3EF7P


This is an enterprise application built by our team using Ruby on Rails from the scratch with MY-SQL Backend.With Stutalk, you can invite Friends, Add Friends, Email, Scrap, Photos, You tube Video Integration, Comments, Network Updates and a lot more. You can review:

Notary Fly

This is an enterprise application built by our ROR Engineers with MY-SQL backend. The Web Application lets you search notaries and help you find the right notary and pay for the services using a secure site. You can review:

These applications we have presented are just the tip of the iceberg of what DCKAP has done with Ruby on Rails. Call us at (510) 796-2525 for further details.