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DCKAP to Host Webinar on Drupal

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Updated : 21/06/2012 6:00 PM

DCKAP Webinar – “Drupal 7 – Integration of Apache Solr“  Completed Successfully on 21st June 2012.

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Thank you everyone for attending the Webinars.

DCKAP is a Fremont based Software Development / Technology Services Provider & specializes in Social Gaming, Healthcare IT, Retail and BI/DW practice, Open Source Implementation, Flash / Flex Applications.

It is an enhanced step for DCKAP as it delves into the Webinar foray. To encourage the various upcoming developers and to share valuable information with established experts this hi-tech tool for sharing is adopted by DCKAP. The developers and experts from DCKAP are looking forward to share and get enriched with constructive and innovative ideas.

DCKAP Webinar - Drupal 7 - Integration of Apache Solr on 21st June 2012

About The Host

DCKAP proudly announces the Webinar on “Drupal 7 – Integration of Apache Solr“. Mrs. Sahaya Mary, Senior Drupal Developer of DCKAP is the speaker of this webinar on 21st June 2012 and she is going to provide an in-depth analysis on Drupal development with its latest technologies.

This Webinar predominantly concentrates on the Apache Solr integration with Drupal for enhanced support for non-English languages during the development of an application. The webinar’s host also delves deep into the other aspects of Apache Solr integrated with Drupal such a support for multilingual search.

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Enhanced Admin Tool Discussion

The webinar takes an insightful view on the latest admin interface which has been enhanced to be simpler and helps effortless navigation. Special unchartered features of the admin tools will be discussed and brought into spotlight in this exclusive webinar.

DrupalAn intricate view on the process of using Apache Solr as a powerful search engine for Drupal will be availed through this Webinar. The deep knowledge which is required to tweak Solr’s configuration by hand to utilize the advantages provided by Solr compared to the simplicity in the process of configuring Drupal’s built-in database-driven search.

Revolutionizing Drupal Search

This webinar concentrates on how Apache Solr Search Platform can be used as a replacement for core content search and about the enhanced features and greater performance. For Drupal developers looking for Apache Solr integration, this is possibly the best option available.

Drupal 7 Version with Apache Solr has extensive features which enable users to search for pages in a customized way. The Webinar’s host will also discuss the working of Supports Custom Entity indexing through hooks. Examples which will be provided such as Apachesolr Commerce, Apachesolr User indexing and Apachesolr Term will give you a headstart in developing your own indexing code for your entity.


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