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Drupal Content Management Features

November 13, 2009 |

Polls – The admin and users will be able to create polls with the help of poll module embedded within Drupal which is an easy feature used to setup a poll, set the base vote counts and the number of votes on each topic including the duration of the poll. Drupal will automatically tally the number of votes and the module will also allow users to see results, post polls based on the administrative privileges enabled.

Templating – Allowing you to customize and have control over the look of the Drupal site, the templating option distinguishes between presentation and the content. For easy access, the templates are made from standard HTML and PHP coding which saves your time spent in the learning curve to get the hang of a proprietary templating language.

Threaded Comments – Adding to the list of features is the threaded comment model offered by Drupal, a hierarchical module which groups up the comments posted on different blogs, pages, content into one similar to that of a newsgroup or forum. The powerful threaded comments enable users to publish comment, notified with updates and allow admin to segregate them.

Version Control –Drupal’s Version Control feature will help you keep track of your website by enabling a detailed page regarding the content updates, modifications done along with the date and time. It also has the feature to let you know who updated the content, who edited it and what changes they made with date and time. Version control has a reversal option by keeping track of the changes through a comment log so that you can roll back the content to an earlier version.


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