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Drupal General Features

By |November 9, 2009 January 29th, 2022No Comments

Collaborative Book – Coming latest in the list is the ‘Collaborative Book’ feature that enables to create a ‘book’ in the hierarchical which will contain titles, content, sub sections facilitating authorized users to create, write or edit the content. It is useful when it comes to creating guidelines, Frequently Asked Questions and information manuals.

Friendly URLs – The new Drupal program is improvised with the Apache’s mod_rewrite enabling the modification of URLs which is user friendly and optimized at its level best for search engines.

Modules – The contributed modules which are compatible with the latest Drupal 6 are plug-in that extends, build or enhance the Drupal core functionality.

Online Help – Rendering the best support to help you regarding queries, the reliable online help system built into the core text help will be available at the site created for you and works efficient despite the shortcomings found in support offered for all open source projects.

Open Source – Under the terms of GNU General Public License 2 (GPL), source code of Drupal is distributed for free which is open to be customized or extended as required unlike those of proprietary blogging or content management systems.

Personalization – With ultimate control to personalize based on individual user requirements, Drupal is embedded with a robust personalization environment enabling users to change both the content and presentation accordingly.

Role Based Permission System – Authoring the permission to operate, modify or change Drupal settings can now be done without the tedious process of assigning it individually. Administrators can setup permission based on assigned roles and group them into one for easy access.

Searching – Make better use of the search module which helps you in finding all the contents of Drupal which are completely indexed and searchable whenever required.


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