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Drupal Platform Features

November 27, 2009

Apache or IIS, Unix/ Linux/ BND/ Solaris/ Windows / Mac OS Support –

Drupal comes with a multi-platform support facilitating users to make best use of it with either Apache or Microsoft IIS. Also the feature supports and Drupal easily runs on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, BSD, Solaris and other major platforms.

Database IndependenceDrupal allows users to program in different database servers apart from SQL using the same code base. In other words, it offers the exceptional people from the majority who use Drupal on MySQL to embed their code easily. It is built on top of Database Abstraction Layer which enables the users to create a matching SQL scheme with a supporting backend containing fourteen functions.

Multi-Language – For the wider purpose of reaching users worldwide with your website, Drupal offers a multi-language support from the default language English. Content in different languages can be translated using a Graphical User Interface (GUI) either by importing existing translation or using tools such as GNU get text. With Drupal, a multi-lingual website, blog, community application or a content management system can be designed with the full framework