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Drupal’s Multilingual Development Process

By |September 3, 2012 January 30th, 2022No Comments

drupal developerVersatile websites can be developed using the Drupal technology such as personal or corporate websites and the content in these websites can be easily managed, manipulated and deleted. Drupal Developers find it highly time and cost efficient to use this technology for their Drupal Development.

Drupal Programmers understand the need for proficiency in the English language to use the platform efficiently. If a developer is not proficient enough in English for developing a project in Drupal then by changing certain language configurations, the required language can be used.

Initially the website being developed has to be configured in such a way that it supports multi-language extensions. Drupal platform provides two core modules for the programmers to include many languages:

  • The first one is a local module which enables the user interface entities which include elements like form functions, buttons, menu items, help texts etc. The basic terms in this module include “Log in”, “Sign out”, “Edit”, “Delete”, “Save” etc.
  • The second module involves the translation of the content present in the website. These content are normally provided by the actual user, visitors.

These functionalities can be extended by the developers by tweaking the contributed modules for language and locale. By updating the Localization module the content and other names can be automatically translated into the native language if the language is available in the list. This can be done manually also by the development team by importing the already present translation file into the newly created database:

  • Drupal 6 : Administer > Site Building > Translate Interface > Import(
  • Drupal 7 : Configuration > Regional and language > Translate Interface > Import(

The translating user interface is one of the most expensive support features of Drupal. Further translating the content present in the site can be a simple and efficient process and the configuration too is an easy task.


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