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The most common E-Commerce ERP Integration Challenges

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Today, business requirements are diverse, and there is no one system that meets all the requirement challenges – from online inventory management. Some of the common integration challenges are listed here.

  • Data Management
  • Identifiable
  • Limited Capabilities
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction
  • Maintenance Cost

E-Commerce ERP Integration Challenges

Data Management

With a number of applications in a company for developing and implementing, there will be one solution managing data of the source with ERP systems.  This, without a doubt, is the most important step and the biggest challenge that businesses face with eCommerce to ERP integration projects.


IdentifiableWhy have customers migrated from their existing integration solution to a new integration solution? We have even heard stories where customers had to wait for weeks to resolve a small issue, and after multiple escalations to senior management.

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Businesses need support for various reasons, like training, reporting and fixing bugs, customizations and more, and the availability of the right support can be the difference in achieving a successful integration project.

Hence, it is important to do the necessary validations and make the necessary investment, to work with a partner who can provide the kind of support the business requires.

Limited capabilities

Limited capabilitiesMany ERP applications are not properly integrated within an enterprise’s systems environment, and it directly affects how fast and how well a company interacts with its customers. Customer response time lags when employees are trying to work across different applications or business processes that are not equipped to work together, and when an enterprise falls behind in response time, it’s at risk of Service Level violations and customer service scores.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Customer SatisfactionIf you are a business, keeping the customers’ satisfaction levels high is your main priority. Without accurate data, meeting your user’s needs will be increasingly difficult. Selling products to the general user can be very profitable. However, failing to accurately track your inventory can lead to missed sales opportunities. With an ERP software program, you can rest assured that the inventory levels you have in your system are accurate.

The last thing you want is to tell a user you have a product in stock when you really don’t. The issue of inventory inaccuracy can make a customer angry and may lead them to seek out the help of your competitor. Rather than losing business due to these inaccuracies, now is the time to embrace the power of ERP software.

Maintenance Cost

Maintenance CostIn the long run, ERP systems can help businesses and increase efficiency and productivity. Though implemented badly, it could have the facing effect, which is something that is not always taken into account. It is essential for someone within the company to take charge of the project, communicate and work closely with the ERP provider in order to achieve the best results.


E-Commerce ERP integration has far-reaching benefits, but only when it is done right. To plan ahead and overcome these challenges, you will find that integration pays for itself in no time. Without giving integration its due attention, the integration will become a black hole consuming all your time, energy, and resources.

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