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How To Achieve eCommerce Success With Magento 2 For Automotive Industry?

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Changing times have brought exponential growth in eCommerce. No matter what the industry is. The same goes for the automotive industry as well.

As going digital is no longer an option but a necessity, choosing the perfect eCommerce platform can definitely guarantee your eCommerce success. And what best option than Magento 2!

Magento 2 comes with exclusive B2B features that can power your eCommerce operations. With over 250,000 active sites on Magento, it has strengthened its base as one of the leading eCommerce platforms.

Wondering how Magento 2 can help you win over the automotive market?

Read on to dig out the reasons. 

Magento 2 – The Perfect Online Store For Automotives

Enable multi-store and multi-language support

Magento’s multi-store feature is especially useful as you are in the automotive industry. You can easily enable multiple stores feature with just a single installation. The multi-store feature comes in handy when you are handling numerous Store Views or when you deal with different versions of your store for multiple locations. You can control multiple stores via a single admin panel. With this feature, a clear and precise display of products comes into place, letting you target specific customers much more effectively. Also, categorize your products based on their niche shops to conduct sales accordingly.If your customer base spreads across countries, then the multi-language feature of Magento Commerce (now renamed as Adobe Commerce) can help you out. You can also attract potential customers to your online storefront. As most customers search in their native language, gain the added benefit as search engines promote searches based on native languages. Magento theme facilitates multi-language support that lets users choose a language from a higher number of languages provided.Magento 2 features work well for automotive

Explore the vast possibilities of Magento Marketplace

Magento 2 comes up with Multi-Vendor Marketplace Extension. With this feature, function your website as a thriving online marketplace. The extension lets suppliers keep track of shipping methods as your customers can select a predefined shipping method. The extension comes with many features and a few of them are:

  • Membership option
  • Shipping management option
  • Scheduled payments for vendors
  • Vendor registration page

Different vendor portals can be set up with separate and unique dashboards to manage products. Also, set up a distinct registration and login page for each supplier, and keep track of all the products added by these suppliers. The extension facilitates bulk product upload through CSV files and provides advanced tracking codes for shipping all orders. Generate sales reports and sales conversions of suppliers, while gaining an overview of monthly vendor payments. Additionally, access statistical reports on business operations to know which products were sold more, their shipping locations, etc.

Leverage Magento’s web responsive templates and UI Library

Magento 2 comes with a responsive web design that provides an impeccable viewing experience across all devices. Enabling a responsive web design is necessary as your customers are likely to return to your eCommerce website if it is mobile-friendly. You can improve the mobile viewing experience by adopting Magento Blank and Luma themes. Using these in-built themes will be more viable than creating a theme from scratch. These themes will help you organize your catalog page that can be accessed seamlessly across a wide range of devices. The UI Library of Magento 2 is a highly flexible frontend library. It facilitates easy customizations and frontend theme development by using mixins for base elements. You can also customize and reuse these below-mentioned properties and elements of the user interface with Magento UI Library:

  • Layout
  • Actions-toolbar
  • Forms
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Icon
  • Dropdowns
  • Pop-ups 
  • Sections – tabs and accordions

Responsive design template ofMagento 2

Manage inventory better through the Multi-Source Inventory feature

With Magento 2, you can link various inventory sources to your online storefront. Along with the multi-store support, you can also link multiple warehouses and brick and mortar stores as well for better operational transparency. Multi-Source Inventory facilitates the management of both single and multi-channel inventories in addition to managing different sales channels from the Magento 2 admin panel. Easily manage all your inventory and warehouses irrespective of the warehouse location, customer location, sales channels, or the type of products. Expand your eCommerce website through easy updates of quantities, add stocks, sources, and sales channels. Multi-Source Inventory feature of Magento 2 helps you to:

  • Keep an eye on inventory at various warehouses.
  • Assign different products and their respective quantities to multiple warehouses, stores, and factories.
  • Enable third-party integration with inventory systems.
  • Assign rules to manage and control inventory sources.

Multi-Source Inventory also smoothens operational workflow and omnichannel strategies to deliver a seamless shopping experience.

Optimize its mobile commerce features to target a wider customer base

In recent times, mobile commerce is gaining immense popularity owing to its sheer convenience. Set yourself up for a mobile-ready site as the future is definitely mobile.Magento 2 provides a mobile-friendly checkout experience. A seamless mobile-optimized workflow is guaranteed through Instant Purchase and other payment gateway integrations like Braintree and PayPal. Enhance the cross-channel experience through built-in responsive design reference templates to create a mobile-friendly eCommerce website. Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) can also be leveraged. The mobile commerce features of Magento 2 are highly flexible and customizable. You can set the layout of your app, change the color, or even add anything according to your business requirements with just a few clicks.Pro-tip* While implementing mobile SEO tactics, make sure you optimize images and videos for mobile view. Also, reduce heavy content as it can be exhausting to view on mobile devices.Mobile commerce feature

Enhance Real-Time Magento 2-ERP Integration For Dynamic Pricing   

In the B2B space, dynamic pricing enjoys a significant spot. The Reuters report that came at the start of the decade also validates its growing applicability. The report suggests thatdynamic pricing generated over $1 billion in the automotive industry over the past decade. You can also retain customersby allocating pricing accordingly. As you already know the benefits of dynamic pricing, you now need the real-time integration of your Magento store and your ERP system. Bring in automated data synchronization by connecting your eCommerce website with your ERP through DCKAP Integrator, our enterprise-level integration platform and middleware solution. DCKAP Integrator facilitates the real-time integration of all data to and forth your eCommerce and ERP, ensuring zero data loss. The information entered in your website will be automatically reflected in your ERP and vice versa. Ensure error-free data transfer with DCKAP Integrator as it guarantees end-to-end data automation and centralize all your data in one place. Provide dynamic pricing through DCKAP Integrator and display specific prices for your customers. With refined workflows, gain higher productivity and immense operational flexibility for a better digital commerce experience.

Final Thoughts

As the automotive industry has always grown from strength to strength, upgrading your online storefront with the latest updates can witness immense progress coming your way. Augment your eCommerce website with the end-to-end digital commerce services and solutions of DCKAP. In the years spanning over a decade, DCKAP has built conversion-driven online storefronts for several B2B brands, manufacturers, and distributors. From re-platforming, site upgrades, integrations to maintenance and support, our eCommerce services are tailor-made to drive profitable results. Build your online store with us and stay updated with all the latest innovations that will lead you towards a successful eCommerce implementation. In case of any eCommerce requirements, our domain experts are here to help you out.

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