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Embarking a Challenge with Embarcadero Community

April 10, 2014 |

When DCKAP was approached for building a community portal for Embarcadero developers, we believed that the time has come to put in our community building expertise to full use. And our belief was absolutely right, the successful launch of Embarcadero Community portal which connects the developers of Embarcadero in one single place highlights the prowess of DCKAP in JomSocial development.


Embarcadero based out of SanFrancisco, CA, specializes in developing high end tools for designing, building applications, and database oriented systems. Embarcadero is committed to providing the industry’s broadest and deepest set of software tools for developers, DBAs, and architects. For a company that builds such high end software, a strong developer community is indispensable. But the existing Embarcadero community was operating in different platforms, which hindered developers. To overcome this hurdle DCKAP embarked on a journey to build up a community platform which will unite the developers of Embarcadero.

The entire Embarcadero community was revamped with a custom JomSocial community module, that enabled the developers to interact, engage and share information with one another. Websites which were scattered under different platforms were brought together with a single sign in module which provided the developers a single point of contact for all Embarcadero’s resources.

Load Balancer

During the development process, a major challenge that DCKAP faced was to tackle the immense amounts of traffic when a lot of users access the portal at a particular time. The performance of the portal should remain the same no matter how many users were logged in. To achieve this DCKAP’s expert JomSocial Developers implemented a load balancing set up which manages the web traffic across different servers to provide a glitch free web experience.

Currently the community portal is helping Embarcadero reach thousands of its developers across the globe and engage in a truly interactive manner.

DCKAP is an industry leader in developing Enterprise User Communities using JomSocial for Fortune 100 clients. You can reach us at (or) 1-877-872-3252 (US) (or) +44(0) 144 250 6383(UK)


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