Each application available in the market for the Android platform is analyzed by the users by its sheer quality and efficiency. The performance of the application is touted to be perfect only when it is released and executed error free.

Android Software Development Kit provides various tools for debugging the applications developed by Android app developers. These tools provide world class options which enable the developers to analyze and rectify the bugs present in the applications before launching them in the market.

The basic rule for developing an application which all Android app programmers must diligently follow is that the unwanted objects in the applications must be removed. Whilst developing an application it becomes difficult for the Android app programmer to analyze which objects are needed and which objects are not needed for the applications. No code must be created for the sake of to be created rather programmer must something that is meaningful. When Android application development is done just for the sake of it then the application is devastating and will not be able to make an impression to its users.

Virtual method calls as must be avoided as much as possible when using C / C ++. It’s a fine initiative to use getter or setter methods relatively than directly accessing the fields to use; as this will impose some boundaries on application’s accessibility. But with Android, it is not fine to call virtual methods inside the class. One should always use the virtual method calls to the public rather than the class. Diminishment of layout complexity by keeping it simple is recommended. This is the finest idea to follow to make sure that the Android application development project is a hit.

Integer values are preferred rather than float. There is no difference between integers and floating in terms of speed, but floating need two times more space than integer. Hence floating method must be avoided instead the programmer can go for the other option. While designing it is better to use test Relative Layout or Grid Layout so as to create a simple layout which is also very straightforward to comprehend. It will definitely help in escalating the performance of the application in Android.


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