The late 2008 saw the upcoming Android platform which was expected to take over the mobile industry as a leading operating system. Five years since then the expected has happened and today Android is the leading platform which has taken over the market by a storm and the users have become ardent fans of the platform.

The open source nature of the platform and the process of developing applications for the platform has encouraged and made it simple for developers from various backgrounds and experiences to lay their hands on Android. Today there are hundreds of thousands of Android app developers waiting for their applications and games to get recognized. With such loyal Android app programmers following the platform sincerely it is just a fair result for Android to become one of the leading platforms today.

The number of applications which are available in the Android market is growing rapidly day by day and the number has gone past five hundred thousand already. Every Android app programmer wants to develop that application or game which will touch the lives of the users and become the next big thing in the Android world. But understanding the nuances of development is highly vital for these developers to come up with a design and development that can connect with a user instantly and starting to develop a project.

Though there is still a worry amongst users about the Android market as the process of segregation is still not that efficiently presented to the users. The feedback which every Android app programmer has come up recently is that to segregate games and applications according to the age restriction as children should be able to browse games and applications with ease. With such progressive inputs from user and developer communities springing, the Android platform is expected to grow even further.


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