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September 9, 2019 |

The best solution to manage your company’s entire product data!

Merchants have to present the exact details in online stores. They should ensure brochures are filled with the correct information and must have an eye for detail to include rich visual imagery to attract the customers. Also, the online store must be up to date with the latest features. The list is not done yet. Merchants moreover have to manage the product catalog, send to various eCommerce channels, mobile apps, pass on the data to the Point of Sale (POS) Systems, and do much more – all this to ensure a delightful online shopping experience.

With so many tasks to follow up and do, the possibility of errors is high, and one fatal mistake can be a potential threat to business.

It is also said that 64% of shoppers in the US shop online because they see more product data on the sites than in stores. Another leading research firm, Forrester says, digital retailers attach 200 attributes (on average) to every product the sell online. That’s a massive load of product information?

So, what do companies do? How can businesses efficiently manage product data without any hassles? Maintaining product data via excel sheets and basic ERP systems does not seem like a good option anymore. It is indeed difficult to manage product assets which include – product content, images, images, videos, attributes, translations, to-do docs, tutorials, and so on. Amidst all this, businesses must also ensure they market themselves the right way so they can appear top on web page results.

Listening to all these might be mind-bending, but not impossible to achieve. Companies can do all the things listed above, and much more, with the help of robust systems which intuitively manage and maintain your company’s product data.

Whether you sell ten products or 10,000 – you still have tonnes of information to manage. That’s where Product Information Management (PIM) System come into play and seamlessly does things which are otherwise wholly manually done.

Here, we present in front of you an excellent PIM solution that stores all the product information in a single place which is accessible to every one part of your team – anyone from anywhere can access whatever product data they need to enrich the brand.

Gone are the days of storing information in spreadsheets. Its time every modern company steps into the world of PIM and utilizes it to experience and manage product data like never before.

Let’s check out how seamlessly DCKAP PIM works for your enterprise.

Create and Categorize Data

Reduce the burden of missing out essential data, and also assemble product data in decks which are easily accessible to every one part of the enterprise. With DCKAP PIM, users can create and categorize product data based on user needs, so they can be within reach whenever particular info is needed. Search results also appear in quick succession.

Enrich Product Descriptions

Every customer needs to understand the product in and out before arriving at a purchase decision. To do so, DCKAP PIM users can enrich product descriptions in the backend by just uploading all the necessary content which would later be reflected in the online store. Updating the required content and images also helps to market the product and bring in more visitors.

Link Images to Products and Documents

Each product displayed on the online store is an assortment of images, videos, documents, descriptions, and more. With DCKAP PIM, it becomes easier to link pictures and documents to the products. Product images power your business and are extremely important in online stores as they form a significant part of shoppers initial impressions on the product. Easily upload and attach multimedia files with just a couple of clicks.

Find Everything In One Place

All the product data you need: images, videos, product catalogs, descriptions, how-to videos, instructions, specifications, attributes, SEO related data, product categories, and beyond – Everything stored in a single repository in DCKAP PIM which is accessible to all. Role-Based Access feature is also possible, which also lets the manager set roles to which employee gets access to view what data.

Easily Bulk Import, Export And Edit Product Data

Are you introducing a new product to your store, or want to make changes to the existing data? Well, what if there are thousands of changes to be made? The answer to both is one solution, DCKAP PIM, using which users can quickly bulk import and export product data whenever a new set of products are getting launched. Bulk edit can also be done in a similar fashion.

Send Data Quickly Across Multi-channels

Online stores are not the only places where customers see your products. In this current era, technology has made it possible to sell our products in multiple places virtually and beyond. Online stores need different data; social media platforms specs are different, image sizes for print differs, and so on. Whatever channel the data you want to send across, the same can be achieved swiftly with DCKAP PIM by your side. Faster time to market plays a vital role in influencing sales.

The best thing about DCKAP PIM is, it fits for all. Whether you are a distributor, manufacturer, or a wholesaler, DCKAP PIM is helpful to streamline your data and successfully run your business.

Create a single source of truth for all the products you sell. Bring all the data you need in one place. Send data across channels in a matter of time. Integrate with your ERP and CRM systems. And do much more.

DCKAP PIM delivers the same best experience across any top eCommerce platforms like Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify, Hybris, etc.

Why wait? Contact us and step into the world of DCKAP PIM – the best in class PIM solution for eCommerce enterprises.


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