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Extensions Enhance Magento Experience

October 15, 2012 |
Magento Extensions


Magento development services has been a perfect setting for businesses to have a platform on the web in a very efficient way.

Magento development has been a perfect setting for businesses to have a platform on the web in a very efficient way.

Being an open source project Magento provides Magento developers with rich features enabling in sophisticated project development. Websites built using the Magento platform provide extensive flexibility for the merchants to maintain the web store with ease. These online stores can be built effortlessly suing the built-in functions of Magento and its technologies.

For developing a complicated project a Magento developer has to make sure that the platform which has Magento also consists of the extensions which are required. Once these extensions are collaborated with the Magento development application then the developer can instantly start developing the project in his/her platform.

There are various extensions available for Magento programmers which can be download online and used in their projects immediately. File System is such an extension which can be used to edit preferences directly from the admin panel itself. Without this extension a Magento developer has to enter the FTP client every time to do even the smallest of changes. This is a very efficient extension which saves immense time during project development.

Another extension provided by Magento which has helped the Magento programmers and the merchants highly is the ‘Recent Reviews’ extension. Every online web store thrives using the feedback it gets from the review section. Understanding the importance of it Magento provides the merchants with a Review section which helps the web store in developing itself using the ideas provided by the users using the site.

Using one other extension ‘Website Rating’ the website can also be rated by the user. Though this extension does not give much feedback to the customer, it enhances the marketing of the website if the online store gets more positive feedback.

These are some of the extension provided by the Magento platform to the developers and merchants which enhances the working and popularity of the website.


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