FlexFlex’s Mobile Platform has been efficiently helping developers to create applications for the Mobile and web based platforms. The parameters which have been handled to tackle the hurdles have been discussed in this article.

Design and Development

Using Flex the designing and development of applications is done with the help of integrated tools this approach enables the Flex developers to segregate the development tools into individual executable tasks. This process makes it very simple for the programmers to work on individual modules and locate the site at which alterations have to be done in more effortless way.

Flex Escalates the Mobile Platform

Although there are many challenges and competitions for Flex developments, it is an undeniable fact that Flex has helped the Mobile Applications scale into entities which can be operated on multiple platforms. Platform/Operating System independent applications have revolutionized the way mobile devices are being used nowadays and Flex has a very significant role in this advancement.

Efficient Customer Support

Flex programmers are not just involved in the process of developing applications which upgrade themselves according to the need of sophistication of the users but they are also involved in providing service related support to the users if any problems arise. Initially the Flex ‘Hero’ was supported only in the Android platform but now it has been developed in such a way that it is executable in all major platforms. But this is one of the most important aspects of the Flex development as cross platform development of applications is the most sought after fields of development.

Flex Hero’s Advancements

With Flex Hero many components have been added and some features included in the components are being supported by Flash Catalyst ‘Panini‘ and Flash Builder ‘Burrito‘. The multi-screen features in mobile applications have been possible largely because of Flex Hero’s advanced options allowing every Flex programmer to utilize the Flex platform in a highly optimal way.

There are three basic components using which a Flex programmer can develop an application for the mobile:

  • Adobe Flex SDK ‘Hero’
  • Flash Builder ‘Burrito’
  • Adobe AIR 2.5

There is a widely spread misconception that by using only Flash ‘Hero’ and leaving Flash Builder ‘Burrito’ one cannot develop a Mobile Developer but the actual fact is quite contrary to it where Flex itself is a very self-sufficient tool which can be used to develop Mobile Applications independently. The only requirement a device has to satisfy is the device has to have Android Software Development Kit for testing the creative content of the programmer.

Though the preview version of Flex is not completely compatible with Tablet it is expected that the talented Flex developer will overcome this hurdle efficiently.


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